The 6 in-demand skills technologists need to succeed

As a technologist, reskilling is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in today’s job market: A 2020 study by Gartner found that more than 30% of the skills needed three years ago will soon be irrelevant, and the number of skills required for a single job is increasing by 10% year over year.

Andela, in partnership with Foundry, conducted a recent survey of 211 enterprise IT decision-makers from the US, the UK, and Germany and found that these 6 skills are the most in-demand for global employers right now: core engineering, cloud API expertise, database expertise, data analytics, communication/collaboration, and DevOps methodology.

They’re also, our survey found, the hardest skills for companies to source for, making them all the more valuable for tech experts who are looking to land remote jobs. In 2020, McKinsey reported that 82% of global executives expect reskilling and upskilling to be at least half of the solution to addressing their organizations’ skills gap.

Are you a technologist seeking a new opportunity? Then discover why these in-demand skills are so important, and how you can upskill in each one.

1. Core engineering

According to our recent survey, 27% of IT decision-makers in the UK and 31% in Germany are more likely to report difficulty sourcing core engineering skills than those in the US. Technologists with a strong core engineering background, specifically in computer science, and robust coding experience with key programs like JavaScript or Python are essential for companies looking to innovate and scale their tech, as well as train their staff on the latest tools and systems.

2. Cloud API expertise

Thirty-eight percent of respondents to the Andela and Foundry survey said that cloud API expertise is in high demand at their organization, with 51% of German respondents specifically saying it’s a priority.

As companies look for ways to scale efficiently and at a low cost, they’re turning to technologists who know how to integrate networks and build and automate programs in the cloud.

3. Database expertise

Database specialists are a must-have for companies because they’re able to sort and retrieve data that informs crucial business decisions — making it easy for stakeholders to get the information they need quickly, save time and money, and generate growth. Often, too, database experts can ensure sensitive data is stored and secured properly.

The soft skills that come with database expertise, such as critical thinking and problem solving, are just as valuable when paired with other expertise within an organization, such as marketing teams or even doctors.

4. Data analytics

Technologists who know how to technically parse through data and draw conclusions based on data sets will only become more in-demand as companies look to streamline inefficient processes, cut costs in areas like advertising, or deliver better customer support. Expertise in data analytics is also helpful when paired with soft skills like technical writing and good communication and collaboration, because it allows engineers, developers and other tech experts to communicate across departments or levels.

5. Communication/collaboration

Communication ranked highest for US IT decision-makers when asked what skills were more difficult to source. Companies value strong communication and collaboration because they want to hire developers who not only know how to execute on difficult tasks but can explain their processes effectively to anyone within the organization, be it a junior or senior employee, tech expert or novice. Being a good communicator and collaborator also means you’re a natural leader, easy to work with, and open to feedback and input from others.

6. DevOps methodology

In Germany, 45% of IT decision-makers reported seeking DevOps methodology skills when hiring. Technologists with this expertise have likely spent a great deal of time collaborating across departments and parts of the software development lifecycle, meaning they’re the go-to person should something break down or a company struggles with silos.

How to upskill in these 6 areas

To stay relevant and land global opportunities, developers should regularly assess their expertise in these six crucial skills and invest both their time and money in technical training and workshops, side projects, and studying up on the latest tech developments in their fields.

Working with your manager or HR team to upskill can be valuable as well. Get their feedback and perspective on your current performance and strengths, as well as the gaps in your skills or areas where you could improve. Then, come up with a plan together for addressing these weaknesses, whether that means collaborating more closely with other teams, finding a mentor, taking on new assignments, or signing up for a course.

At Andela, we’re rooted in our mission to connect brilliance with opportunity so everyone wins. We now operate the world’s largest, private talent marketplace for skilled technologists. Andela has created thousands of remote opportunities for amazing humans in more than 175 countries, across six continents and numerous industries, roles and technology disciplines.

Ninety percent of engineers who currently work for an Andela client say their quality of life has improved, and through the Andela Learning Community, Andela has reskilled and upskilled more than 150,000 technologists.

This year, Andela acquired Qualified, a leading technical skills assessment platform that evaluates, educates, and certifies top engineers on the languages and frameworks that are most valuable to employers today, including React, SQLite, and Node.js. Codewars, an online community powered by Qualified, also enables technical talent to compete and improve their practical coding skills in gamified challenges.

To access the full survey, download here, or access the raw data from the survey here.

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