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At Andela, we’re rooted in our mission to connect brilliance with opportunity so everyone wins. We now operate the world’s largest, private talent marketplace for skilled technologists. Andela has created thousands of remote opportunities for amazing humans in more than 175 countries, across six continents and numerous industries, roles and technology disciplines.

2023 has been a big year for Andela! We acquired, the top-ranked developer assessment platform, giving us an objective and quantifiable way to evaluate technical acumen and problem-solving skills. We acquired Codewars, where developers around the world use gamified challenges to improve practical coding skills – and grew our global community to more than 4.4 million. And, we acquired Casana, expanding our talent footprint in Europe.

We’ve also been busy building! With the release of Andela Talent Cloud, we introduce a new, unified platform to help streamline the hiring lifecycle – and making it easier than ever for you to find remote opportunities with exciting projects and compelling brands. Imagine one unified platform where powerful AI algorithms match you to exciting roles that transform your career.  Where you can get continuous updates on your job applications, access a global community of peers 24/7, and receive badges of honor on your profile to showcase your expertise to potential employers.

Andela makes it easy for you to showcase your talent to potential employers. Think of it as your space to advance your career, on your terms, while leaving the ground work to us.

What is the Andela Talent Cloud?

Andela Talent Cloud is a unified, data-driven platform to help enterprises source, qualify, hire, manage, and pay technical talent anywhere in the world. At its core is our Talent Decision EngineTM, which uses AI and ML algorithms to analyze thousands of data points from across the hiring lifecycle, from skills and experience to geography and language proficiency. Talent Decision Engine helps remove bias and subjectivity, relying on objective and quantifiable signals to identify the right talent for the role.

We’ve now integrated the world’s top-ranked developer assessment tool into Andela Talent Cloud. Qualify verifies your talent and skills, acting as a calling card for potential employers. The platform uses an evidence-based evaluation process that produces data to provide skills-based proof that you can problem solve, make technically knowledgeable decisions, and that you have the requisite skills required for the role.

You can access multiple assessments in a variety of coding languages to put your abilities to the test. Once you’ve completed and passed an assessment, you can highlight your specialist skills on your profile to help you stand out from the crowd. Rise to the top of the candidate list, get hired and showcase your talent with a ‘badge of honor’ - an icon that will appear on your profile.

Technology doesn’t stop evolving, and neither should you. Technologists who regularly upskill or reskill increase their likelihood of employment and career growth, leading to an improved quality of life. You can thrive with Andela.

How does it work?

Andela Talent Cloud is an exclusive marketplace, and you’re required to pass several evaluations before being accepted. The first step to join Andela is successfully completing the relevant English language and programming assessments, with the final stage being a technical interview.  Once you are accepted into the Andela Talent Network, you can access the platform to create your own profile, which you can curate to showcase your expertise to potential employers.

The platform is as a hub for everything you’ll need as a member of the Andela community:

Jobs: Powered by AI, our algorithms learn from thousands of touch points, so we’ll match your skills and experience to remote roles you’ll love, at companies you trust.

Community: Access a vibrant global community from within your platform - via Andela Chat - to expand your reach and collaborate with like-minded peers.  

Security: Get rewarded for your talent with exceptional, secure, and on-time payments in the currency of your choosing.

Upskill: With access to Qualify assessments and badges, our EdTech partnerships, and the Andela Learning Community, you can leverage training and upskilling/reskilling opportunities directly from your platform homepage, so you can always stay one step ahead. Andela supports the next generation of technologists with in-demand, online courses from industry leaders like Meta and Google, along with mentorship and peer-to-peer support.

Support: Monitor the progress of your applications directly in the talent platform, accessing up-to-date notifications to check your status, or finding new roles to apply for. Harness the power of distributed work and experience dedicated support from our team throughout your career journey.

What else can I access?

Andela Talent Cloud is more than a typical hiring platform. 90% of Andelans who currently work for an Andela client say their quality of life has improved, and we attribute that to the opportunities and benefits we can offer through our platform.

We’ll also ensure you can access premium perks, including health insurance, offers from our EdTech partners, and a wide variety of community events and webinars.

How do I get started?

We’re building tech teams of the future for some of the world’s most innovative and exciting organizations. If you’d like to join the world’s largest, private marketplace of brilliant technologists, complete the sign-up form and let’s get started. Here’s what to expect:.

  • English fluency: Demonstrate your linguistic mastery of English with our short language test.
  • Skills assessment: Prove your expertise with a programming language challenge.
  • Technical interview: Showcase your potential to a member of our technical screening team.

Get started

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