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Hire certified talent quickly and efficiently. Andela Talent Cloud enables you to source, assess, hire, manage, and pay global technical talent from one unified platform.

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Andela Talent Cloud makes hiring great talent fast and easy. Our unified platform provides you with complete access to talent profiles. Create your account, post a job (or several), and start browsing qualified candidates instantly.


unlimited jobs


Browse qualified candidates


Assess skills
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Hire the right
people instantly

At the platform core is our Talent Decision Engine™, powered by AI, to match the right person for the job up to 70% faster at 30-50% less cost than typical recruiting approaches.


Andela Talent Cloud provides complete transparency before, during and after the hiring process. Leave the ground work to us.

Premium Delivery

Matching, onboarding, managing your selected talent.

Pay Talent

Anywhere in the world.

Performance Assessment

Provide feedback on talent to drive continuous improvement.

Hire technical talent efficiently

Traditional hiring methods are slow, costly, and lack flexibility. With Andela, you can find the skilled practitioners you need quickly and easily.

Qualified candidates

We acquired Qualified, technologists most-loved assessment platform.


Hire individuals or a team. Tap into a highly elastic talent pool that adjusts to demand & budget.

skill sets

Our private marketplace has qualified technologists that cover more than 750 tools and frameworks.

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Andela's quality-driven hiring process proved to be "the best decision" for Meomind

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We have a 96% talent match success rate.

Tap into the world’s largest private marketplace of skilled, trained, assessed, and experienced technical talent.

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