From Concept to Reality: Supercharging Your Business Ideas with GenAI

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In today’s fast-evolving landscape, harnessing the power of GenAI has become a focal point for businesses aiming to gain productivity and a competitive edge. Despite the undeniable potential, we learned during our last webinar, a staggering 61% of enterprise stakeholders intrigued by GenAI projects have yet to take the first step. 

This month, we’re taking a step back to help bridge the gap between idea and action, shedding light on how to get started with GenAI projects. You’ll hear from our experts Sung Ahn, Head of of Andela Managed Services and Chris Chilton, Head of Andela Practices and Partnerships, to help your business breakthrough ideation stages.

During the webinar we’ll cover:  

  • The prerequisites to building a GenAI project, starting with analyzing and structuring your data
  • How to approach your project in 4 simplified steps
  • Example use cases that have seen success with driving innovation, streamlining process, and creating value

Designed for business and technical leaders interested in exploring GenAI projects for their business. Listen in to learn how to start today.

Sung Ahn
Director of Managed Services Practice

Sung Ahn is Head of our Managed Services Practices for Andela. He has been serving in the small to mid and enterprise space in IT, Software Development, Cloud DevOps, Security & Compliance and Digital Transformation for 25+ years, carrying various leadership positions from Director of Digital Transformation, CTO, VP of Engineering and even co-founded his own company in San Francisco with a couple partners back in 2018. He is a member in many Thought Leadership peer groups and has consulted for many of the notable VC firms in Silicon Valley supporting some of the highest portfolios in the world: Google Ventures, Facebook, Tesla and SpaceX. He is immensely passionate about the incredible transformation that he has lived through in the digital space from his early years in the Big 4 banking with mainframes and monolithic programming to the hyperscale innovation in the new cloud containerized, open source, Ai-driven world we live in today.

His rare blend of technical, operational and entrepreneurial experience gained across roles spanning the end to end aspects of business operations and customer digital experience helps him build highly efficient, overachieving performance teams, with strategic blueprints that help mature his client's businesses to continually innovate and improve service and engineering operations.

Chris Chilton
Head of Data Practice

Chris is responsible for delivering a great customer experience and growing the business by further developing talent with new skills, building strategic partnerships, and scaling existing and closing new opportunities. His passion for connecting data engineering and architecture leaders has helped to develop and execute global IT strategies, and create advanced solutions that enable both clients and internal teams to meet their goals with analytical and client-facing products that leverage the power of data to better inform business planning, guide organizational decisions, and enhance focus on customer lifetime value.

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