Meet the new Andela: A data-driven hiring platform to empower technologists

Brands must evolve with the organizations they represent.  Since 2014,  Andela has been driven by one sole purpose – to connect brilliance with opportunity, offering technologists across the globe the chance to find their dream role, regardless of their location. And that purpose has never wavered.  Over the years, we’ve grown into a full-blown marketplace offering a variety of services and a direct connection between talent and clients.  But as we expanded our presence to over 100 countries, we realised we needed a new platform – and a new look and feel – to empower technologists worldwide to build their careers with us.

We’re proud to share Andela’s brand evolution and the launch of our new self-service hiring platform, that enables a more direct, personalized, and successful recruitment experience for talented technologists.  Our new, data-driven hiring platform helps technologists to find jobs that match more than just their technical skills, packed in a fresh new look and feel. And now, we’re expanding our community further, to welcome designers, product managers, and data talent!

The new platform uses data-driven technology and algorithms to make smart match recommendations, instantly.  We’re connecting talent to some of the world’s most exciting organizations quickly and efficiently. With no lengthy contract periods or unnecessary calls with sales teams, the self-service platform cuts down the time it takes for hiring managers and recruiters to move through the hiring lifecycle, therefore improving the user experience for technologists, who are matched more quickly to roles. Instead, the platform focuses on immediately connecting technologists with the right skills and experience to companies offering competitive roles and salaries.

The new self-service process is simple. Once an organization has created a company profile and posted a job,  Andela’s technologists  – with the right skills and experience  – are quickly presented to the potential employer.

Technologists will have the ability to see how well their skills match up to roles via a clean and easy-to-digest graph, helping them to visualize compatibility, including overlap in their skills and preferences.

The Andela self-serivce platform is constantly learning, helping to refine its personalized recommendations. As users provide specific feedback through various stages of the hiring process, the platform becomes more personalized.

It is this personalization that empowers technologists to be matched to their perfect role. “Amazon, Apple, and Netflix have changed every aspect of our lives — from how we shop to how we consume culture and everything in between. As a result, personalization has become a basic expectation,” said Jeremy Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Andela. “This is why we’ve built our new platform — to help talent find jobs that match more than just their technical skills. Instead, we help them find careers that match their lives.”

In conjunction with the new self-service, Andela have undergone a brand evolution, which brings a contemporary look while better connecting with the company’s human-centric mission. From our beginnings of building a world-class talent network in Africa to going global—now expanding into Latin America and Europe—Andela’s community of technologists has grown to over 175K. Our talent network continues to grow today, so we wanted a brand that would reflect that growth not just now, but into the future. We’re reintroducing ourselves with a new look and feel, but maintaining the same roots we’ve always held.

We worked to refresh everything, including our logo, colors, fonts, and tone of voice. Through it all, we wanted to stay true to our core mission of connecting brilliance to opportunity.

Andela animated logo

Our new brand was designed to symbolize the spark created when people come together through Andela to make an impact. It represents a limitless opening of the world, helping us keep moving toward a brighter, more brilliant future. You can find out more about our brand evolution here.

“It’s always hard to change a brand that’s become iconic. In many ways, Andela’s brand has been a source of inspiration to software developers around the world who share our belief that brilliance is evenly distributed. That said, brands have to evolve alongside the companies they represent. I’m proud of what the team delivered and excited to show the new Andela to the world.” says Johnson.

Want to be part of the Andela Community? Then join the Andela Talent Network!

With more than 175,000 technologists in our community, in over 90 countries, we’re committed to creating diverse remote engineering teams with the world’s top talent. And our network members enjoy being part of a talented community, through activities, benefits, collaboration, and virtual and in-person meetups.

All you need to do to join the Andela Talent Network is to follow our simple sign-up process.

Submit your details via our online application then…

Complete an English fluency test – 15 minutes.

Complete a technical assessment on your chosen skill (Python, Golang, etc.) – 1 hour.

Meet with one of our Senior Developers for a technical interview – 1 hour.

Visit the Andela Talent Network sign-up page to find out more.

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