How to Hire React Native Developers: A Comprehensive Guide

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React Native is a cross-platform JavaScript framework released by Facebook in 2015. It allows developers to create highly interactive mobile apps for Android and iOS using a single codebase. It uses the same declarative programming style as React but with native interfaces and behavior that aligns more closely with platform-specific device characteristics.

At the core of React Native mobile apps are components that use JavaScript to render custom user interfaces. These interfaces are designed to fit the look and feel of each platform’s operating system. Some of the major applications built with React Native, either partially or wholly, include Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber Eats, Skype, and Pinterest.

As the demand for mobile apps continues to grow, so does the need for skilled React Native developers who can design, develop, and maintain these apps. However, finding qualified and experienced React Native developers can be a daunting task for many recruiters.

In this guide, we will provide valuable insights into the skills and qualities you should look for when hiring React Native developers. We will also discuss the cost of hiring a competent developer and provide practical tips to help you navigate the recruitment process effectively.

Why hire React Native developers?

Companies should hire React Native developers because they offer a cost-effective solution to cross-platform mobile app development. With React Native, businesses can leverage the benefits of both iOS and Android platforms without compromising on quality or speed to market.

Here are some of the advantages of using React Native for mobile application development:

1. Cross-platform development

React Native allows developers to write code once and deploy it on iOS and Android platforms. By hiring React Native developers who can build mobile apps that work seamlessly on multiple platforms, companies can save a significant amount of time and money.

2. Large community support

React Native has a large and active community of developers who constantly contribute to its growth.

On GitHub, React Native has an active community of over one million users and 2,000 contributors willing to help fellow developers. This GitHub repository offers links to expert help, info on reporting bugs, the future of React Native, and developer forums. React Native also has a large community on Stack Overflow, with numerous solutions to various problems that a developer may encounter while using the framework.

3. Faster development time

React Native speeds up the development process by allowing developers to reuse code across platforms. It has several third-party plug-ins that increase the speed of the overall development process. Some of these plug-ins are JavaScript-based, while others are native modules. You can install these plug-ins from the React Native Directory or the npm Registry.

React Native also has a live reload feature that lets you see changes to the code in real-time. This feature helps programmers reduce compile time, which often takes longer in native programming languages like Java.

4. High performance and scalability

React Native is a powerful and popular JavaScript framework that enables developers to build efficient and scalable mobile applications. Its use of native components and optimized rendering allows for smoother animations and faster load times. Its modular and reusable components also make it easier to maintain and update apps, leading to better scalability.

5. Cost efficiency

React Native is a free, open-source framework with a low entry barrier for developers. This allows companies to hire React Native developers at a lower cost than developers with experience in other platforms.

Moreover, because React Native code is reusable, you don’t have to hire two different teams to work on the iOS app and the Android app. This significantly reduces development costs.

Top skills to look for when hiring React Native developers

The following section details the skill set and experience you need to look for when you hire a React Native developer.

Technical skills:

1. Knowledge of JavaScript ES6

Since React Native is based on JavaScript, developers must have a fundamental understanding of the programming language to structure the app’s logic and build interactive UI components at an infrastructural level.

React Native developers should also have a solid grasp of various JavaScript ES6 principles, such as the scope of variables, arrow functions, array methods, callback functions, and DOM manipulation.

2. Familiarity with React

React Native uses React to create responsive interfaces with the component-based approach, making it easy for developers to implement simple and complex user interface designs.

Developers with a foundational understanding of React will have a good grasp of JSX, component lifecycle, virtual DOM, state management, routing, components and props, conditional rendering, events handling, and other essential React concepts.

3. Experience with Native Android and iOS development

React Native developers should have rudimentary experience with native Android and iOS development. Implementing some application functionalities or features requires developers to use native Android and iOS languages, such as Java, Swift, and Objective-C. With this skill set, they can leverage each platform’s strengths while working within its limitations.

Moreover, developers with this experience can simplify integration with different libraries or provide improved performance by leveraging features unique to the specific platform or device.

4. Knowledge of versioning tools

Knowledge of versioning tools, such as Git, Mercurial, and Apache Subversion, is a must for every developer. These versioning tools enable a team to manage changes to a codebase over time. In this way, specific versions of the code can be recalled whenever needed.

Additionally, versioning tools help maximize transparency and minimize conflicts in a team where everyone works individually on a common codebase. Transparency is maximized by showing who made changes to the codebase, and conflicts are minimized by ensuring that developers do not overwrite each other’s changes.

5. Familiarity with UI/UX design principles

React Native developers should have a solid understanding of UI/UX design principles to create visually appealing, intuitive, and responsive user interfaces that meet user needs. Knowing UI/UX design principles helps developers build high-quality applications that provide a positive user experience.

Soft skills:

1. Communication

Effective communication in a workplace is essential for sharing ideas and improving processes. Competent React Native developers should possess strong communication skills to understand client requirements, provide project updates, and interact with team members. Clear communication helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures project success.

2. Collaboration

React Native developers must be able to work well with other team members, project managers, and stakeholders to achieve project goals. This includes sharing knowledge, brainstorming, and working together to find solutions. Effective collaboration ensures a smooth development process, reduces errors, and produces a better end product.

3. Problem-Solving

React Native developers should be able to identify and solve complex problems in a timely and efficient manner. They should be able to analyze code, debug issues, and provide creative solutions to meet project requirements.

4. Adaptability

React Native developers need to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. They should be able to adapt to new frameworks, tools, and technologies to deliver the best possible results. Additionally, they may have to work with different teams and projects, which requires flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to different environments and requirements.

5. Organization

React Native developers should be organized, detail-oriented, and capable of managing their time efficiently. They should be able to prioritize tasks and meet project deadlines while maintaining high-quality work standards. Good organizational skills help developers stay focused and ensure project success and client satisfaction.

How much does it cost to hire a React Native developer?

The hourly rate of React Native developers can range between $20 and $90, with an average pay of $60 in the United States. However, it is vital to note that the cost of hiring a React Native developer can vary significantly depending on the following factors:

1. Experience

Developers with more experience and expertise in React Native are likely to charge higher. Senior React Native engineers may charge at least $70 per hour, while junior React Native developers may bill as low as $16 per hour.

2. Location

The React Native developer’s location can also affect the cost. Developers in North America, Europe, and Australia tend to charge higher rates than those in Asia, Africa, and South America.

3. Complexity of the project

The complexity of the project can also impact the cost. Projects that require more advanced skills, such as integrating with backend systems or implementing complex features, may require more experienced developers and cost more.

4. Specific requirements

If the project has specific requirements or customizations, it may also increase the cost. For example, if the project requires integration with third-party APIs or complex animations, it may require more time and effort from the developer.

5. Other factors

Aside from the hourly rate, the scope of work, the length of the project — plus additional expenses for equipment or software licenses — can affect how much it costs to hire a React Native developer.

Overall, the cost of hiring a React Native developer is highly variable based on the specific requirements of the job. It is critical to consider all the factors involved and to carefully evaluate potential candidates to find the best fit for the project within budget constraints.

How to hire dedicated React Native developers

Finding and hiring dedicated React Native developers can be a formidable task, especially for those unfamiliar with the technology. Here are some key steps and tips on how to successfully hire React Native developers:

1. Determine your project requirements

Before you start looking for React Native developers, it is important to have a clear understanding of your project requirements. This includes defining the scope, outlining the features you want to include, and setting a timeline for completion. Having a well-defined project plan will make it easier to identify the specific skills and experience you need from a React Native developer.

2. Evaluate the candidate’s technical and soft skills

When evaluating React developers for hire, it is essential to assess their technical aptitude and soft skills. Review past projects, assign coding challenges, or use a technical skills assessment platform to measure their understanding of the React Native framework. For soft skills, you can ask behavioral questions and evaluate their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, you can conduct reference checks and assess their ability to learn and adapt to new technologies.

3. Check the candidate’s experience and portfolio

When hiring React Native developers, ask for references and check their work history to ensure they have the necessary experience to complete your project. It is also helpful to look at their portfolio to see if they have worked on similar projects in the past.

4. Consider culture fit

Culture fit is a vital factor to consider when hiring React Native developers. Look for professionals who share your company’s values, work ethic, and communication style. A good culture fit can lead to better collaboration and a more productive working relationship.

5. Find the right global talent partner

When looking to hire dedicated React Native developers, working with a reputable global partner like Andela can be helpful for several reasons. Firstly, these companies have access to a larger talent pool, including skilled and experienced React Native developers. Secondly, they handle candidate screening and selection, saving your company time, money, and resources. Finally, global talent partners typically have a streamlined hiring process and can provide additional support in managing and scaling the development team.

Hire dedicated React Native developers with Andela

Hiring the right React Native developers is crucial for building high-quality mobile applications that meet your business needs. By following the guidelines outlined above, you can optimize your hiring strategy and attract top tech talent.

However, finding and hiring the best React Native developers can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

That’s where we come in.

At Andela, we provide access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced React Native developers who are ready to work with you and help you achieve your business goals. With our rigorous vetting process, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best developers who are passionate about what they do and committed to delivering top-notch results.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with some of the best developers in the industry. Join Andela today, and hire top React Native developers for your mobile app development needs.

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