Urban Ishimwe’s Software Dev Journey

Perhaps in another life, Urban Ishimwe might have been some famous Social Media Influencer helping brands connect their products with their users. Today, though, he is at Andela Kigali, opting instead ...


Africa’s Talking Node.js (express) USSD Application

The app developed here will help a user to view their phone number and account details (Account number and account balance). ...


Practices and behaviours of highly productive remote teams

I have worked remotely as a Software engineer with several companies for over four years now. This a ...


Andela & GitHub Partner to Host CodeNaija 2019; Nigeria’s Biggest Hackathon Event of the Year

We’re excited to announce that we will be hosting the CodeNaija 2019 hackathon event in partnership with GitHub's Black Employee Resource Group - Blacktocats. The two ...


An Introduction to Python Generators and Coroutines

Before we get into the topic, let's get some definitions right first: Iterator - this is an object that can be iterated upon. An iterator object returns data, one element ...


Tapping into your Dev Beast Mode

Before jumping into the gist of this article it is important to understand what it hopes to achieve by the time you finish reading. Unlike the magician above, I am willing to share with you a simple s ...


The Future of Andela

We started Andela five years ago to solve a simple but pervasive global challenge: Brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. While our mission will neve ...


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“Somehow, I am more hopeful for Nigeria today than I have ever been before. When I see organisations like Andela investing in innovation that are creating jobs for people and creating economic opportunities for software developers, I am optimistic about the future.” @EfosaOjomo

Andela’s next phase of growth requires a strategic shift in how we think about talent. Please read @JeremyJ blog regarding news from Andela today

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