Finding Great Developers who are Great Leaders

The move to all-remote engineering has exposed a need that was less visible but growing among software teams. The best developers need to be strong leaders as well as great coders. “Leadership qualities are made up of a blend of soft skills such as decision-making, integrity, problem-solving, and the ability to teach and mentor,” said […]

CTO Insight in “Improving Your Onboarding” Webinar

Did you miss the August 4 CTO Connection webinar “Improving Your Onboarding,” with engineering leaders from, Neu, Grammarly, and Andela? If so, you missed 90 minutes of insight, wisdom, and inspiration about how to bring on new engineers and build high performing teams–especially relevant in this all-remote environment. The good news is that a […]

How to Find Remote Engineers with the “Soft” Skills

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced engineering teams into all remote work, there were calls to reclassify so-called “soft” skills in the tech world. Some have called for leadership, communication, collaboration, listening, and empathy to renamed “core” skills. “Labeling skills as soft undervalues them,” IT workforce guru Dan Roberts said. “To prioritize skills such as communication, IT […]

How To Debug Swift Code with LLDB

This guide contains the following content to ease your journey to become an lldb ninja: — Object inspection — Code modification — Breakpoints manipulation — Tips and tricks Object inspection In this section, we will use “po”, “p” and “v” commands to inspect any suspicious objects in your debugging journey. (lldb) po  Definition This very […]