How to Hire Ruby Developers: A Guide to Building a Winning Team

In today’s rapidly advancing tech landscape, hiring the right person is crucial for the success of any software-driven business. As the demand for skilled developers continues to rise, it’s no surprise that finding qualified professionals has become a significant challenge. This is particularly true for companies looking to hire Ruby consultants who are proficient in […]

The ultimate guide to NumPy for Machine Learning

In this Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community member Adam Labaran explores the value and benefits of using NumPy, a library for Python supporting large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, in this ultimate guide to NumPy. Introduction to NumPy NumPy (Numerical Python) is a linear Algebra Library for Python programming. It helps with scientific computation with Python and […]

5 Easy and Fun Ways to Stay Connected When Working Remotely

Remote work offers many benefits, such as saving time and money on commutes and promoting a healthier work-life balance. However, working from home also comes with a few downsides. Remote employees often feel less engaged and connected to their organization since they are not physically in the office with their colleagues. This can have a […]

10 Best Remote Collaboration Tools for Software Developers

Technology makes our lives easier, including how we communicate and interact with coworkers. This applies to remote software developers as it does to everyone else. Creating great software depends on seamless collaboration between team members — regardless of whether they’re working in the same office space or completely different parts of the world. As trainers […]

Beyond Coding: 10 Essential Developer Soft Skills

Software development is a highly technical and specialized field that requires a vast array of hard skills and knowledge. However, in today’s increasingly interconnected world, software developers must possess not only technical abilities but also a set of developer soft skills that are equally vital for achieving success in the industry.  Developer soft skills are […]

Everything You Need to Know about a Remote-First Culture

As the pandemic winds down, we’re seeing one of its most significant work-related outcomes — a rise in remote-first companies. From digital nomads proliferating the technical workforce to startups and multinationals looking to scale worldwide, many companies have embraced a globally distributed workforce to remain competitive.  While many people view 2020 as the year of […]

How to Hire React Native Developers: A Comprehensive Guide

React Native is a cross-platform JavaScript framework released by Facebook in 2015. It allows developers to create highly interactive mobile apps for Android and iOS using a single codebase. It uses the same declarative programming style as React but with native interfaces and behavior that aligns more closely with platform-specific device characteristics. At the core […]

How to Onboard a New Developer: Stages and Best Practices

The way we work has changed, with many companies choosing to hire and manage a remote workforce even as the world returns to normal. Organizations that rely on engineers and embrace remote teams gain a competitive advantage. They can fill essential positions faster, simpler, and with a much more diverse group of candidates. But to […]

Recruiting Software Developers: Hiring Mistakes and Solutions

The demand for software developers has grown rapidly in recent years, with organizations across all industries seeking to digitalize their operations and create innovative products. However, this surge in demand has created a shortage of competent software developers, making it difficult for companies to find the technical expertise they need. According to a recent survey, […]

How AI is solving the biggest design challenge

In this Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community member Tamer Okail offers his experiences as a product designer to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can simplify design research to help designers deliver exceptional products and applications. As a designer, I often encounter the challenge of limited resources for research, which can manifest as restricted budgets, time […]

Personal Branding For Technology Professionals

In this Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community member Saheed ‘Debo Badru shares his personal experiences and offers insights into building your brand as a technology professional, to help you make your mark in the industry – and succeed! As a technology professional, your personal brand is critical to your career development. Whether you’re a software […]

How to Create, Attach, and Detach IAM Roles in AWS

In this Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community member Chinedu Ikechi explains what IAM roles are, how they enable applications to make secure API requests, and how to create, attach, and detach IAM roles . Imagine that you have to manage and distribute security credentials to all the instances your application runs on, including those created […]

Using Loki for Logging

In this Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community member Isaac Kiptanui explains how you can use Loki – an open-source log aggregation system built on Prometheus – for logging, and creating fast queries and indexing, even at a large scale! Loki is an open-source log aggregation system that is designed to be easy to operate, highly […]

Talent Wins Games; Teamwork Wins Championships

Thanks to Wendy Francois for her incredible insights during her Women Lift Women session, Talent Wins Games; Teamwork Wins Championships. Watch Wendy’s webinar here. Many of us may be working remotely, but we’re all still part of a team. The move to remote and hybrid working actually makes teamwork even more important and as the […]

All Things Managed Services with Andela’s Sung Ahn

Sung Ahn knows a thing or two about tech. He’s worked in and around the industry for a quarter of a century. Most recently, Sung held senior roles at notable VC firms with prototypical portfolios: Google, Facebook, SpaceX, and Tesla.  Before his Silicon Valley stint, Sung was a love-struck management consultant. The object of his […]

Why empathy is essential for good UI/UX design

In our latest Writer’s Room blog – articles created by Andela Community members – Stephanie Kabi offers her insights as a UX/UI designer into how empathy separates good design from great design, and why it is necessary for creativity and success in UI/UX design. As a UI/UX designer, it’s my job to create digital products […]

Time management 101: Boost your productivity

In a fast-paced and evolving industry like technology, it’s easy to get left behind. Managing your time effectively can be a daily struggle, with productivity being the first casualty of procrastination.  Sometimes you can work around deadlines. But most of the time, lousy timekeeping can see daily tasks being pushed further into the week, throwing […]

Understanding and optimizing React Render

In our latest Writer’s Room blog – articles created by Andela Community members – Sheriff Olowolagba discusses “React Render”, the rendering/re-rendering process for Javascript’s popular library React. From virtual DOM to chess board comparisons, Sheriff explores the render and commit phases of React, and much more. React is a popular Javascript library that builds user […]

Containers: Deploy with Ease

In our latest Writer’s Room blog – articles created by Andela Community members – Michael Mekuleyi shares his thoughts in “a short article with a couple of puns about containers and why you should use them!” Every time I see a picture of Spongebob, I always remember containers! I’m sure you have heard of containers […]

How to remain resilient during layoffs

Are you a technologist wondering how you can stand out from the crowd and retain your job during these tough economic times? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you! US today reported that the tech industry added 1.3 million workers in the years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is […]

Overcoming imposter syndrome in the workplace

Imposter syndrome and how to overcome it Do you ever feel like a fraud, as if you don’t deserve the success that you’re achieving? Have you ever scored a big promotion, only to write it off in your mind as good luck, or good timing? If this is sounding familiar, you may be experiencing something […]

Women in Tech: Missed opportunities and challenges

Technologists have been one of the most in-demand workforces across the world for the last 20 years; top organizations and exciting start-ups are still in need of more talented people to cover well-paid and motivating jobs. Yet, women still need to take advantage of these opportunities. Why? What’s needed to get global female tech experts […]

Build your career in cloud: Join the Andela Skills Race!

The Cloud industry is thriving, and as business booms, the world’s top companies are seeking the talents of experienced, skilled cloud experts to join their ranks. Gartner predicts that by 2027, cloud will not only be a technological approach for delivering applications, but it will also serve as the key driver of all business innovation. […]

How to build your self-confidence as a woman in tech

The first real-life project I programmed was a children’s book stand with sound and LED lights triggered by a motion sensor. I built everything from scratch, including molding the plastic stand, but the programmable parts and design were the things I was most proud of. I was a teenager looking for an idea for a […]

Women Lift Women: Your resume, your brand

Want to build your personal brand? Start with your resume When you’re looking for a job – whether it’s your first job or you’re looking for a new challenge – how you present yourself makes a big difference. We often speak about this as being your ‘personal brand’. And just like you remember the first […]

Acacia and Andela: Healthcare coverage for Ghana

Based in Ghana? We’ve got your health covered! Watch the Andela/Acacia webinar now! At Andela, our tech experts are at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we’re continually focused on building a better environment for technologists and providing the right guidance and support 24/7 to all our network members, irrespective of geography. […]

Building the future of work at Andela

Andela’s mission is to connect brilliance with opportunity. I believe the key to achieving that is through excellence in remote work. I joined Andela to lead workplace design and remote experience, but there was something else pulling me in: a once-in-a-career opportunity to create a workplace revolution.  The future of work will be defined by […]

How to own your own learning

Owning your own learning is a key driver to future career success, empowering you to increase your ambitions, engagement, and self-direction, offering you a sense of autonomy, and responsibility in your educational choices and actions.  Ultimately, all learners have a fundamental need to feel autonomy in what they do. When students are autonomous, they have […]