How to own your own learning

Owning your own learning is a key driver to future career success, empowering you to increase your ambitions, engagement, and self-direction, offering you a sense of autonomy, and responsibility in your educational choices and actions. Ultimately, all learners have a fundamental need to feel autonomy in what they do. When students are autonomous, they have […]

Our ultimate guide to to hiring engineers in fintech

In recent years, the term fintech (financial technology) has gained popularity. It induces both admiration and confusion and, in some people, even intimidation. However, there’s no reason to be confused since fintech is nothing but a point of intersection for two fields you’re already familiar with: finance and technology. As technology advances, there are more […]

Designing an interview process for hiring engineers in the fintech industry

The rapidly evolving fintech industry, which refers to technologies and applications created to deliver financial services, is quickly replacing many of the financial services offered by traditional financial institutions. This includes financial technology applications like online payment and money transfer solutions, e-wallets, online trading platforms, and cryptocurrency platforms. As the fintech industry quickly expands, the […]

Key skills to look out for when hiring Angular Developers

Angular is a popular front-end web development framework for building complex and highly performant mobile and desktop web apps. Developed by Google, Angular is an open source TypeScript-based web framework used by millions of developers. It’s currently the second most used front-end framework, with over two million weekly downloads via npm. All kinds of websites […]

How to build a strong data culture at your company

Data culture refers to an organizational culture of using data to derive insights and make informed business decisions. Companies can build a strong data culture by arming themselves with data and the right set of people, policies, and technologies. A data culture helps companies become more competitive and resourceful by leveraging data. And data-driven companies […]

SafetyWing and Andela: Healthcare coverage for Latin America

Andela and SafetyWing: Prepare for every eventuality  As a remote worker, unforeseen healthcare emergencies can leave you feeling powerless. Without adequate coverage for you and your dependents,  an unexpected health treatment or hospital trip could create financial difficulties and instability. For technologists in the remote workplace, the fast-paced tech industry demands hard work and dedication, […]

AXA Mansard and Andela: Healthcare coverage for Nigeria

Nigeria-based techies, we’ve got you covered! At Andela, people are at the heart of everything we do. This ethos underpins our business practices, ensuring we offer guidance and support 24/7 to all our technologists, no matter where they are based around the world. We’re especially committed to the health and well-being of our community, and […]

Join Andela’s EPIC Tournament

Solve the problems of the future of work with Andela’s EPIC Tournament Applications are now open for the techie challenge, with a $10,000 prize pot, swag, and much more! Calling all coders! It’s official; the future of work is remote. According to Owl Labs, 56% of global companies currently allow remote work, while 16% of […]

Tips for technologists: The power of mind maps

In this week’s Writer’s Room – a series of blogs and thought leadership articles written by Andela Community members – Danilo Barion Nogueira explores the importance of mind mapping for technologists, from creation to execution. Danilo is a Senior Software Engineer based in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil. He has over twelve years of experience […]

Top ways to improve communication on your remote engineering team

Communication is an essential part of software development because it directly affects the quality of software that an engineering team produces. It’s critical for engineering leaders to foster healthy communication across their teams, especially when team members don’t share the same physical location. Remote engineering teams offer a flexible work environment for developers and access […]

What goes into building a successful remote culture?

As more and more companies are allowing employees to work remotely, these employers are finding that maintaining a company culture with a remote workforce is challenging. For organizations looking to hire more remote workers while retaining their existing employees and helping their teams stay productive and happy, cultivating a remote culture is essential. In this […]

What does the future of remote work look like?

For National Techies Day 2022, we brought in perspectives from two Andela executives working at the frontlines of tech innovation and acceleration across the industry. Our VP of Product, Courtney Machi, spoke to the ways in which leaders can prioritize diversity and inclusion on their teams. Sachin Bhagwat, our Chief Revenue Officer, shared thoughts on […]

Six community tips to stay cyber secure

Cybersecurity Awareness month, which is celebrated annually across the world in October, aims to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity at home and at work and helps to equip you with the resources you need to stay safe and secure online. This year’s theme, “See yourself in cyber,” highlights the actions we can take […]

Lead the future: Join the Andela Technical Leadership Program

The future of technology depends on leaders.  Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Anne Wojcicki. Daniel Ek. When you think of contemporary, groundbreaking entrepreneurs, the most prominent are strongly connected to the tech industry. Today, technical leadership is a goal for many technologists as they ascend the career ladder. Bill Gates kickstarted his illustrious career almost fifty […]

Data roles breakdown: data engineer vs. data scientist

Modern tech companies realize that data teams need to consist of professionals with varied expertise, including data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, applied scientists, and machine learning engineers. Data teams work closely with cross-functional stakeholders to build data-driven products that are powered by predictive analytics as well as machine learning. Data-driven organizations rely on robust […]

How to foster a collaborative data team

A collaborative team works jointly toward the same goal, whether contributing to a product feature or achieving a quarterly or yearly objective or key result. It is a well-oiled machine that consists of team members from various units who consistently and effectively communicate to achieve their joint targets quickly and efficiently. Consider how your team […]

My journey into the remote workplace

In this Writer’s Room blog – articles written by Andela Community members – JavaScript Developer Dambi Stuart, based in Uganda, describes his first venture into remote work, detailing the pros (and cons!) of working from home. For three years, I’d been working as an on-site Software Engineer, experiencing various challenges including motorbike accidents, “boda-boda” as […]

Understanding JavaScript: Event loops and timers

In this Writer’s Room blog – articles written by Andela Community members – Ebenezer Adjei explores the world of JavaScript, namely how to use event loops and timers internally! Have you wondered how JavaScript – a single-threaded programming language – achieves asynchronous processing? The secret is the event loop! No matter how hard you try, […]

Key skills to look out for when hiring a data steward

A data steward supervises the collection, maintenance, and interpretation of the data within an organization. The role of a data steward can be vast. However, it mainly revolves around managing the data assets and establishing proficiency in the stored data. Recently, the formal position of a data steward is becoming widely accepted and crucial for […]

A journey into the data world

Manuel Durazo is a data scientist and a member of the Andela Community. ​​Let me introduce myself, I’m Manuel, a mid-level data practitioner starting my journey as a remote worker. Even though I have about 5 years in the field, Andela welcomed me into their community recently: this is my fourth month enjoying an advantageous […]

7 steps for a successful career change

In this week’s Writer’s Room – a series of blogs and tutorials written by our community members – Bolajoko Adah delves into her own experiences and explores the seven steps you should follow to guarantee a successful career change! When it comes to careers, I think some people are lucky to have found their career […]

Key skills to look out for when hiring a data architect

What is a data architect? A data architect visualizes and designs an organization’s data architecture and management framework. In this sense, they function as a bridge between business operations and IT, designing the technical and governance architecture that will help the business to make use of their data.  A highly-effective data architect will possess a delicate […]

Lami and Andela: Healthcare coverage for Kenya

Kenya-based techies, do we have an incentive for you! At Andela, we’re committed to the health and well-being of our community. And to ensure we’re providing the right support to our community, Andela Talent Network members now have access to a growing list of benefits to aid their well-being and help them to achieve their […]

The Data Science career roadmap

Every organization, in fact, every industry – from healthcare to education and retail – requires the talents of data scientists. Organizations need to stay competitive in the age of Big Data, building and executing data science skills quickly, or risking being left behind. Yes, for every data scientist reading this, you should know – you’re […]

Five tips for implementing complex Salesforce projects

Customer fulfillment is key for a business to be successful in the market. A great CRM, or customer relationship management software, helps you keep tabs on all aspects of your company’s sales and customer contacts, providing the invaluable analytics you need to understand what makes your customers satisfied. As Andela’s Director of Revenue Operations, I’ve […]

10 essential Python skills every Data Scientist needs

Python is arguably one of the most in-demand programming languages in the world. Industries need it, and technologists – particularly Data Scientists – want to learn it. In fact, StackOverflow’s 2022 Developer Survey ranked Python as number 4 on their list of most popular technologies and number 3 on the list of technologies developers want […]

The complete Ruby career roadmap

The first step to growing your career is identifying what you want. Are you a mid-level developer seeking to move to senior level? Do you want a new challenge in your daily role? Or are you looking for a complete career change?  It’s very easy to get too comfortable at work, particularly after a long […]

Utilizing the Power of Garbage Collector

As part of our ongoing mission to connect brilliance with opportunity, we regularly hold webinars and events for our Andela Community. We open up the floor to our technologists to discuss what they’re most passionate about, from building Docker environments to ReactJS dos and don’ts. Recently, our very own Amuda Adeolou Badmus hosted a webinar […]