How a Top 10 Global Investment Bank is Rapidly Expanding Its Services by Leveraging Remote Talent

As financial services firms set their eyes on emerging markets around the world, a top 10 global investment bank needed more capacity to rapidly yet safely expand the footprint of its offerings. With more of the bank’s business moving to digitally driven products, the bank partnered with the Andela Learning Community to access over 100,000 technologists based in Africa to staff internships and entry-level roles in key emerging markets.

The financial services firm worked with Andela to embed over 30 engineers across 6 teams working on data management projects that included data model migrations, data model support, 3rd party data pipeline, and cloud migrations. Talent from Andela embedded in the bank’s engineering teams brought expertise in Frontend (React.js,), Full Stack (Java), Data Engineers, System Engineers, UI/UX and Project Management leadership.

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