Wellthy leverages Andela engineers to tackle short-term optimizations and long-term upgrades

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In 2020, 20% of Americans identified as unpaid caregivers, and 26% of that cohort reported difficulty with coordinating care. Wellthy provides services and solutions for individuals and families with complex, chronic, and ongoing care needs. By supporting users with finding providers, scheduling appointments, and navigating other administrative tasks related to caregiving, Wellthy hopes to transform family care through a personalized experience.

After entering the growth phase following its $35 Million Series B fundraise, Wellthy was looking to move fast while growing its services and refining its existing offerings. This necessitated the stand-up of several developer teams addressing a vast set of engineering needs, from big technical upgrades to smaller updates. This spanned the need for expertise in Python, Django, PostgreSQL, RESTful APIs, service-oriented architecture, message queues and caching, React, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, UI/UX, single-page applications, and front-end architecture.

Within a month of initial contact, Andela sourced and embedded technologists at Wellthy across many of the company’s projects. Wellthy’s engineering leadership quickly filled talent gaps while building multiple teams across the engineering organization.

“We wanted to find talent that aligned with our mission and understood the impact we’re making in people’s lives. The Andela engineers we work with have been mission-driven and are willing to meet the challenges to make a change,”

— Sean McBride, Director of Engineering, Wellthy

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