Breaking down key Salesforce roles: What is a Salesforce Product Manager?

In this latest installment of our series “Breaking down key Salesforce roles,” we dive into the role of Salesforce Product Managers. Read on to learn all about Salesforce Product Managers and what you should look for when hiring for this specialized role.

So, what is a Salesforce Product Manager?

Think of a Salesforce Product Manager as the strategic backbone of any Salesforce integration project. They stay focused on the big picture while diving into the details to provide visibility and budget confidence to stakeholders. A Salesforce Product Manager understands what success looks like for a customer’s business and defines and delivers ongoing projects and enhancements. This is all to say they make sure that the entire Salesforce team delivers on its promises. 

A Salesforce Product Manager is not a fungible role—it can’t be replaced by a more generic product manager. This is because they need to have in-depth knowledge of cloud computing and the Salesforce platform, as they work directly with engineers to establish processes and ensure a project stays on track. The Product Manager creates, articulates, and drives the product roadmap and maintains an understanding of people’s workloads to manage expectations around delivery while ensuring that the project is delivered on time and on budget. 

When hiring Salesforce Product Managers, keep an eye out for:

  • Confident leaders and delegators who help prioritize feature requests, solve complex problems, and manage people’s workloads. 
  • Tactical thinkers who establish continuity across projects.
  • Troubleshooters who gather the feedback necessary to address any issue and ensure end-to-end delivery.  

Ready to bring Salesforce Product Managers to your team?

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