5 tips to help you get hired by the world’s top tech companies

As a technologist, it’s imperative that you’re one step ahead in order to grow your career. Even as a senior developer or engineer – at the top of your game – it’s essential to understand the ways in which you can hone your skills, perfect your profile, and build your brand in order to attract opportunities at some of the world’s most exciting organizations.

From Delotte’s recent technology industry outlook report to Gartner’s predictions on technology trends gaining traction in Banking and Investment, it’s clear that the technological evolution is still gearing up. And as a result, technology enterprises, including Google and Meta, are creating a huge selection of advanced, senior-level technologist roles that are designed to make an impact and change the landscape of the industry.

But as roles increase, so does competition, and it’s important to find ways to market yourself correctly so that you have the best chance of finding your dream role.   

As a global marketplace for technologists, Andela is in the business of changing lives. We’re committed to your success – so we’re listing 5 important tips that can help you stand out from the crowd, so you can get hired by some of the world’s leading technology companies!

#1. Perfect your English skills

If you’re a remote developer based in Bulgaria, or an engineer working from home in Poland, the chances are you might be seeking a role at a global firm. Technology organizations across the world generally use English as their preferred universal language for ease, so ensuring your English language skills are sharpened can make all the difference when you’re looking for your next role. 

You can perfect your English using a wide variety of online language platforms, from Babble and Duolingo and Rosetta Stone, both free and paid. 

For those seeking a more in-depth learning experience, we’ve partnered with *ELSA SPEAK* – an English online training provider and Artificial Intelligence “coach” that allows everyone to practice the art of speaking the English Language like a native speaker. 

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#2. Revamp your resume

Your resume is your calling card, detailing not only your experience but your expertise, and showcasing the variety of projects you’ve developed, skills you’ve mastered, and companies you’ve worked with.

The key to creating a sharp and noticeable resume is to be concise and focused, detailing the essentials.

  • Remove old jobs: Have you been using the same resume since you started in your technologist career? If you’re a senior level technologist around 10 to 15 years into your career (or more), it’s probably time to remove some entry-level roles!
  • Add your latest skill set: Have you taken an online class or mastered a new language? Update your resume with all your latest skills.
  • Check your keywords: If you work in tech, you know the latest languages and buzzwords change on a daily basis, from Python, to Ruby, to Golang! Jargon changes, and with it, so do the words recruiters and applicant tracking software look for while scanning through your resume. Review other job descriptions posted in your industry for guidance, then read through your own resume to make sure you have all the necessary keywords listed.
  • Update formatting: You don’t need a snazzily designed resume, but using contemporary styles and professional fonts will enable your cv to stand out. The right font especially can set the tone – at Andela, we love Lato
  • Proofread: You want to make a good impression, so good spelling and grammar are incredibly important. Free online proofreading tools such as Grammarly are easy and quick fixes to ensure your resume is in tip top shape!

To find out more about good resume writing, check out this link.

#3. Build your online brand 

It isn’t just your cv that needs to be sharpened – it’s your online presence! Some of the world’s biggest tech organizations often use a traditional Google search when considering a candidate, and if you have a limited or outdated online profile, it might work against you.

You can improve your personal brand and online profiles by:

  • Joining and updating social networks: LinkedIn is a particularly popular platform that not only helps you network, but also acts as an online resume. Ensure you’re regularly engaging with other technologists online and posting, as well as looking at potential companies you might be interested in working for. We’ve written an indepth blog about optimizing your LinkedIn profile – check it out! Also remember to use Facebook and Twitter to share articles and data with like minded technologists.
  • Become a thought leader:  Have you worked on a project or created an app that other people might be interested in hearing about? Or do you have a specific interest and knowledge on upcoming tech trends? Then write about it! Blog and thought leadership article writing is a great way to build an online following and to attract global employers to your website or profile. You could start a blog on Medium – or even write for Andela! We encourage all of our community to write for us as part of our ‘Writer’s Room’! Check out this latest tutorial blog from our community member Chesvic Hilary. 

#4. Get interview ready

So… you’ve attracted a great opportunity and now you have an interview booked. The next stage is to practice, practice and practice! 

From researching the company to ensuring your workspace is in order, read our list of tips for how to level up your interview skills!

#5 Research in demand skills

Programming languages and other skill sets evolve day to day, and staying on top of the latest trends is essential to securing a senior position at a top technology organization.

Demand for certain skills increases over time. Keeping up with the changing demands and honing your skills can give you an advantage over other candidates. At Andela, we’re seeing an increase in the number of clients requesting new and different skills.

Check out Comptia’s recommendations for the top 2022 technology skills you need to know!

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