#150DaysofALC4: Share Your Journey

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Learning how to code is a marathon, in the sense that it is a test of endurance and persistence. Like all high-performance activities, the prize gets more visibility than the journey. But there’d be no prize without the journey.ALC 4.0, in partnership with Andela, Google and PluralSight has kicked off, and for 33,000 selected learners, their marathon has begun. Over the next 5 months, the learners will go through a structured program to advance their skills in Mobile web development, Android development and Google Cloud technologies on Pluralsight.Today, we’re launching the #150DaysOfALC4 campaign to help shed light on the learners’ journeys to the completion of ALC 4.0. We believe that the journey is important, and want to offer the learners a cohesive platform to share their individual stories along the way. We want learners to be able to search the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and connect with stories from other learners undergoing the program in other places.

Share Your ALC Story

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We encourage everyone currently enrolled in ALC 4.0 to follow the official ALC handles on all platforms - on Facebook, and Instagram, and share their stories using the #150DaysOfALC4 hashtag. Did you successfully initiate your first pull request? Share using the hashtag. It is our hope that learners will inspire other learners by sharing their milestones and possibly collaborate along the way.Every story is important, and through the dedicated ALC accounts, we intend to help learners share their individual stories and help them establish peer-to-peer support and inspiration.

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