The Andela Learning Community is a network of people technologists and tech enthusiasts across Africa dedicated to learning how to use technology to solve humanity’s problems. The ALC facilitates your learning through the aid of guided mentorship from super awesome learning community ambassadors. Our goal is to provide an ever-growing population of aspiring technologists with the resources and environments they need to become world-class problem solvers.

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 Google Africa Developer Scholarships

Google, Andela, and Pluralsight have partnered to help you take your skills to the next level!

Google and Pluralsight will provide you with access to the Pluralsight technology skills platform with three skill development tracks; Mobile Web, Android, and Google Cloud, while the Andela Learning Community will help you through your learning process.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register for your desired Google track
  2. Take a skill assessment and receive your Pluralsight Skill IQ AND complete one or more hours of Pluralsight courses
  3. Complete onboarding survey after registration

Acceptance into this program is limited, so get started today to ensure you don’t miss out! Applicants will be prioritized based on Pluralsight Skill IQs, amount of Pluralsight content consumed and other target demographics.

In order to participate in the Google Africa Scholarship program, you must be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of a country in Africa.

Program Outcomes


  • Certificate of completion.


  • Attainment of proficient or expert skill levels on Pluralsight.
  • Access to Google Certification exams.


  • Opportunity to apply to join Andela as a Software Engineer.


Program Timelines

As a Learner:

Application – 15th April – 15th May
Learner Selection phase – 15th April – 15th May
Learning Phase 1 – 22nd May – 19th July
Learning Phase 2 -29th July – 29th November
Program Completion – 29th November

As a Volunteer:

Application – 18th March – 30th April

Success Stories

To date, the Andela Learning Community has run 7 programs and has received over 65,000+ unique applications, supported over 23,500 learners and produced over 12,000 confident graduates across 17+ countries in Africa!


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