50,000+ applicants.

Six week vetting process.

0.5% acceptance rate.

Andela scours Africa, the world’s largest pool of untapped talent, for the top technologists and problem solvers.

Why Africa?

Day-long technical interview sound tough? Try all week.

We select the most promising applicants based on psychometric test scores, take-home coding tests, and in-person interviews. Then, we bring the final candidates on-site for an intensive one-week evaluation where they build products and incorporate rapid feedback. Less than twenty applicants receive an offer — and 95% accept.

Meet an Andela Developer

80% of Andela Developers have four-year degrees in CS or Engineering. Many have worked at a startup before — or founded their own. All have risen to the top of their local tech scenes and have the grit, hustle and passion to change the world with technology.


Welcome to the world’s first immersive simulations program for software developers.

Two weeks of shadowing doesn’t cut it. During six months of intensive simulations, we recreate every environment a developer might encounter — from agile best practices to being thrown into a project mid-cycle with a murky code base.


Skill checkpoints


Hours of pair programming


Code reviews


Github commits

Every day for six months, Andela Developers receive rapid feedback from our senior engineers on everything from code committed to performance in daily stand-ups. Before being placed with one of our partners, they spend at least three months on one of our product teams, making real-world contributions to the software that drives Andela’s internal systems.

The result? Full-stack developers with expertise in:

  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails
  • Python / Django
  • PHP / Laravel
  • JS / Angular & React
  • Android / Java
  • iOS / Swift
  • DevOps
  • QA

What you can expect from your Andela Developer:

Andela Developers understand the agile process, the basics of data structures, how to identify and manage stakeholders and expectations, and team dynamics.

Andela Mid-Level Developers supplement the core skills of all Andela Developers with the increased experience and independence required to solve complex, analytical problems with innovative approaches and solutions.

Andela Senior Developers are skilled at writing complex applications, have a deep understanding of application lifecycles, databases, and services such as queues and caching. They can also provide guidance and mentorship to more junior developers.

Andela Technical Team Leads provide a primary point of contact for your team when working with Andela. The TTL ensures that an application is meeting your business goals and the needs of your users — and ensures the quality and productivity of the entire team through mentorship and guidance.


By the time you set up their company email, Andela Developers know your code base — and your business.

The average tech company spends an additional 25% of developer salaries on recruiting fees. The average time to hire for software engineers is 73 days. All of that for a 20-30% annual attrition rate?

Here’s how we make hiring easy:



Our engineers evaluate your technical needs and build a team of Andela Developers with the right expertise.



With a deep understanding of your code base and internal systems, we design an onboarding plan for your Andela team.



Your dedicated onboarding specialist gets your Andela team up to speed on your code base and internal systems.



We fly your developers out to your headquarters for at least two weeks of building rapport with the team in-person.

Companies spend 47% on top of base salary on recruiting, HR and tax expenses for full-time local hires.


Developing and retaining engineers is our specialty. Let us manage talent so you can focus on growing your business.

Raw talent only gets you so far. We invest in the infrastructure that your Andela Developers need to be successful, from state-of-the-art office space to a team of senior engineers and advisors.

In-Person Onboarding

Strong communication skills – because trust and face time goes a long way. We fly your developers to your HQ to spend 2 - 4 weeks in-person with your team.

Human Resources

Andela manages everything from payroll and benefits to workspace and tech support, so you can grow without the growing pains.

Team Tools

Andela Developers work how you work. They have a company email address and they’re experts in the collaboration tools your team already uses.


Our Lagos and Nairobi HQ look and operate like any tech company you’d find in Silicon Valley or NYC. We provide the latest MacBooks, catered meals, and a fiber-optic Internet connection.


Our facilities are protected by robust security protocols, including redundancy and physical security, to ensure that your data is as secure in our offices as it is in yours.

Ongoing Support

Through regular check-ins and assessments, Andela’s team of onboarding specialists and senior engineers ensure that your team exceeds expectations.

What could you build with Andela Developers on your team?

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