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About the Andela StackUp program

Andela StackUp is a 5 months remote program open only to Rwandans to prepare you for employment as a Software Engineer. With the Andela StackUp, you will gain the necessary technical and soft skills to become a FullStack JavaScript Engineer. At the completion of Andela StackUp, you will have the skills and knowledge to resume at Andela or anywhere else.

Online Application

To apply, first fill the form below, after which you will receive an email to complete your application.

Technical Assessment

Once you submit your application, you’ll be directed to study the modules on our Home Study Curriculum for software development and team skills. This is required to complete a technical assessment that will evaluate your knowledge of the content you’ve learned.

Interview and English Assessment

Based on your application and technical assessment, you may be invited to a remote interview made up of staff members and developers at Andela.

Onboarding and Andela Developer Challenge (ADC)

On the success of your interview, you’ll be on-boarded on the different remote work tools you’ll be using for the rest of the program and the ADC. This period will last one week and will also include a team skills session and integrity session.


Candidates will participate in a two-week, simulated development sprint led by senior Andela developers. The two weeks are fully remote comprised of self-learning, and product development sessions. You’ll be expected to learn independently as well as with remote teams to deliver the final project. We’re looking for work ethic, passion, and teamwork.

Project Work

Successful candidates at this stage will participate in the final 12-weeks of the program, the following technical skills will be covered; - PostgreSQL- An open-source SQL Database. - Express JS - A fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node JS. - Node JS - An open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine. - Docker - An independent container platform that enables organizations seamlessly build,run and share any application, anywhere. - React/Redux JS - An efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get paid a salary during the StackUp program?

No, you will not. The StackUp program is a remote and free program – open to Rwandans only – where you are given access to tools and resources to learn and prove your worth before you are eventually hired at Andela or any other company.

Can I apply for the StackUp program if I have another job?

Yes, you can,  but only if your other job allows for flexibility in terms of working hours. The StackUp program is a full time 6 hours per day engagement that shall follow a calendar of activities some of which shall be offered at particular times. This will make it difficult if you have a very strict time constraint in your other job.

How do I achieve success at the end of the StackUp program?

Assuming that you have successfully passed through the Roll Up phase, your success at the end of Project work will be predicated on you satisfying the requirements of our Advancement Criteria. When you satisfy the requirements of our Advancement criteria, you will stand a high chance of being hired by Andela and start off in our Apprenticeship program. This is however dependent on the slots available. Put in the work and prove your worth. Should you fail to get hired at Andela, you shall still have acquired tech and soft skills that can get you hired elsewhere

Can I apply for the StackUp program if I am still a student at university?

Yes, you can, but you have to be at the tail end of completing your studies (final semester) and above 18 years old. You also have to have a study schedule that is flexible enough to allow you to commit at least 6 hours per day to the program.


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“During project work, the biggest learning happens as you work with other talented software engineers and consistently assess your own level. It is the best way to grow your skill level.”

Gisele Iradukunda, Software Engineer, Andela

“I learnt how to work within distributed teams and learn from my teammates. This gave an opportunity to know the coding best practices and work towards an outstanding product.”

Pacifique Musigwa, Software Engineer, Andela

Paused & Reopening in July 2020

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