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Find talent in unfamiliar places

Sourcing talent from unfamiliar geographies is really hard to do, especially where you don’t have a strong brand. Your time should be spent focusing on your customer and product, not recruiting tech talent across the globe. At Andela, our deep ties to local communities, our strong brand presence, and our dedicated recruiting team has enabled us to source over 200,000 engineers (and counting) from around the world.

Assess talent without needing to understand the local ecosystem

Let’s face it, assessing talent from global ecosystems falls outside of your wheelhouse (and that’s okay). At Andela, we accept the top 2% of developers who demonstrate grit, problem-solving ability, and learning velocity. Every Andela engineer is leveled against an industry validated, 45-point engineering competency framework, a proprietary, 30-question rubric based on seniority and stack, and undergoes a behavioral, situational assessment to evaluate leadership skills.

Ensure a good fit for both parties across countries & cultures

Great managers hire for potential. Andela screens for it. We match your team and project needs with high caliber individuals who are imbued with both the hard software engineering skills and the soft people skills necessary to work as part of a high functioning, distributed team.

Instant infrastructure for distributed teams

When Andela engineers join your team, they operate as employees. Our engineers don’t work with other companies and they don’t operate on a project basis. We provide engineers with everything they need to develop software—remotely and securely.

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