How to Become a Magnet for Product & Engineering Talent

The biggest challenge facing most tech companies isn’t always fundraising – it’s hiring and retaining top technical talent. According to PwC’s latest survey, “77% of CEOs worry that skills shortages could impair their company’s growth.”


In this webinar Keith Cowing, Director of Product Management at Flatiron Health, will share his insights into how to become a magnet for top product and engineering talent.

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How to Become a More Effective CTO

Ready to become a more effective CTO?  Meet Charles Brian Quinn, Co-Founder of Big Nerd Ranch.  In this webinar, Charles will share his insights, strategies and tactics on how to become a more effective CTO.


If you’re a tech manager looking to level up or a current CTO looking to stay on your game,  this webinar is for you.

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How to Win the Competition for Technical Talent

The competition for tech talent is as fierce as ever. What are you doing to recruit the best?


Join us as Andela’s Chief Information Officer, Lisbi Abraham, dives into his tips for technical recruiting success and share best practices on how to hire for top talent.

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How to Master Your Next Design Sprint

Want to build a better product faster?  Try a design sprint. It’s the process the best agile teams use to develop their most successful products and features.


In this webinar, Omidyar Network’s Ha Nguyen will share best practices she’s developed from running dozens of design sprints at both small and large companies. You’ll walk away prepared to run your most successful sprint yet.

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How to Build for the Next Billion

Growth markets represent 85% of the world’s population and a huge opportunity for developing new products and businesses. But who are the “next billion users,” and how do you design and build products for their use cases?


Meet Derek Fears. As Co-Founder and Head of Consumer Products at Emprego Ligado, a tech startup based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Derek knows a thing or two about building for emerging markets.

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Kent Beck’s Product Development Triathlon

In an exclusive broadcast from Andela Nairobi, Kent shares thoughts on his new “Explore/ Expand/ Extract” triathlon approach to product development.


Kent Beck has been programming and coaching programmers at Facebook since 2011. Formerly, he was the founder and director of Three Rivers Institute (TRI). His career has combined the practice of software development with reflection, innovation, and communication.

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How to Scale Your Product Team

What is the secret to scaling a product team? How do you build the high-performing team and structure needed to execute on a vision and an ambitious product roadmap?


Josh Wexler, VP of Product at Yieldmo, a Google Ventures-backed mobile ads startup, will share best practices and lessons learned from his experience building and scaling a successful product organization.

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CTO Series: How to Build a Distributed Tech Team

We know there’s nowhere else the talent shortage is more acute than with software engineers. It takes the best teams, armed with fresh approaches to succeed.


Listen to this webinar to hear Tray Lewin, CTO of Connect, share how to build a high-performance distributed tech team.

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CTO Series: How to Scale Your Engineering Team

How do you navigate the most common challenges of rapid growth? When leading engineering teams, you’re bound to experience growing pains, no matter the size of your organization.


As the guy who previously led engineering teams at Apple, DoubleClick, Spotify, and Huffington Post, and now as SVP of Engineering at Viacom, our featured speaker John Pavley has successfully helped companies scale during periods of rapid growth.

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The Ultimate Case for Building a Diverse Team

What is the secret to building a high-performing team? Diversity of perspective, according to Jeremy Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of Andela.


Tune in to hear Jeremy spell out the research behind diversity, what it means for your bottom line, and strategies you can kick into action to find, engage, and retain the best talent.

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  • 6Sense scales front-end development to meet growth in market demands
  • launches mobile app to improve healthcare access in Africa
  • Connect sources A-level talent from Andela to accelerate development
  • 2U Builds Out its Talent Pipeline with Andela Developers
  • 5 Reasons Smart CTOs Choose Distributed Teams

Building for the Next Billion is Andela’s Podcast that brings together leading technologists from around the world to discuss the most prominent trends in software development and technology.

May 3

Episode 4: Scott Haug, VP of Software Engineering at Glowforge

In this episode, Justin is joined by Scott Haug, VP of Software Engineering at Glowforge. Glowforge is a Seattle based 3D laser printing startup that broke a crowdfunding record in 2015 after generating $27.9 million in sales during a 30 day period, so clearly people are excited about it. Prior to Glowforge, Scott worked for Myspace, was with Sparkbuy during their 2011 acquisition by Google, and now builds the software for the extremely precise Glowforge machine. The Glowforge works with a variety of materials, even food, but just don’t put vinyl in there unless you’re trying to produce chlorine gas. Tune in to hear about the Seattle tech ecosystem, how his awesome machine works, and how half of Glowforge was trapped in an elevator for an extended period of time, but lived to tell about it!

April 19

Episode 3: Chris Woodford, Head of Engineering at Gobble

In this episode, Justin is joined by Chris Woodford, Head of Engineering at Gobble. Gobble provides meal kits that allow their customers to create great dinners in only 10 minutes with one pan. Chris has been with the company since the very early days, and used to spend his days writing software, and his night’s responding to customer service inquiries. He attributes much of his success at the company to the fact that he’s experienced to many different aspects of it. They have also been collecting a multitude of data on consumer eating habits, and Chris explains the internal tools he and his team have built in order to turn that data into action for the company. He also was in a hard core metal band named Titan, which may or may not be getting back together for a reunion tour, gotta tune in to find out!

April 19

Episode 2: Wade Foster, CEO and Co-Founder of Zapier

In this episode, Justin is joined by Wade Foster, Co-Founder and CEO of Zapier. Zapier is a web automation app that allows you to build Zaps that automate parts of your business or life. Basically, a Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over and it functions for example like this: when I get a new thing in A, do this other thing in B. So there is a trigger and then an action. Zapier is also 100% remote and they’ve been that way from day 1 so distributed teams is a big topic in this episode. Wade also wrote the book on remote work, and offers great insight into the best practices surrounding that. They also just started offering a “delocation” package as a way to attract top tier talent that may want to take their talents outside of the Bay Area.

April 19

Episode 1: Jon Chan, Founder of Bento

In this episode, Justin is joined by Jon Chan, a developer on the Q&A team at Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is the world’s largest website for developers, and they function as a question and answer resource for professional and enthusiast programmers. They also release an annual Developer Survey each year that reveals the hottest trends in the industry. According to the survey results, 53.3% of respondents say that remote options are their top priority and 90% consider themselves at least partially self-taught. Justin and Jon discuss those data points and how both are influencing software development. Jon is quite nomadic himself, and so he gives some actionable advice about how to sustain effective remote work. He also may or may not have used his coding skills to make his top 8 a top 16 on MySpace back in the day, tune in to find out!