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Our mission is to connect brilliance and opportunity. We believe that access to opportunity should not be limited by your identity or circumstance – including geographic location, nationality, and status.

Andela, alongside its partners, are in a position to make significant contributions to the well-being and economic recovery to those displaced by geopolitical disruption, violence, and war. 

We’ve created this open resource center to help refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in their journey towards stability. If there are resources available that we have not included, please contact [email protected].

84 Million People Worldwide Forcibly Displaced

(estimated by UNHCR)

3 million+

Ukranians displaced
(see latest data here)

2 million+

Afghans displaced
(see latest data here)

2.5 million+

Venezuelans displaced
(see latest data here)

How to find or provide help

Employment & Payroll

Andela has placed thousands of remote technologists with global companies to date. 

To encourage and facilitate the placement of refugees, Andela may provide $1000 USD starting bonuses to refugee talent to enable them to access needed resources immediately. 

For talent who are refugees, Andela may also cover the first month of their salary to enable companies to bring on more talent. 

Andela provides standalone payroll-as-a-service that can facilitate multi currency and cryptocurrency disbursements. 

Andela is partnering with to facilitate any visa and immigration needs. Remote is offering free global employment for all refugees who reside in countries where they have an entity.

Skilled refugees needing employment can register here

Companies looking to hire refugees or facilitate payroll can register here

Additional employment resources

Additional resources and guidebooks

  • provides free global research reports, hiring guides, and ongoing employment support for companies looking to hire and support refugees.
  • Asylum Access offers legal empowerment, policy change advocates, and global services.
  • UNHCR provides emergency relief, media coverage, data, and supply chain of vital goods.


While many are displaced, corporations are stepping up to provide housing and accommodations. We will list resources that we come across here.

Connectivity Fund

Lack of connectivity is one of the largest barriers to settling into new locales and getting set up for remote and onsite work or re-skilling. We have set up a fund to accept and disperse donations to cover or offset the costs of laptops, cell phones, sim cards, and broadband.

Andela will be matching the first $10,000 USD in donations to the fund.

Some donations may not be considered tax deductible donations. If you have more questions about this, we recommend contacting a tax professional in your country for assistance.


Refugees often face increased barriers to accessing jobs in their new host communities. Access to training programs in high-demand skills can be the catalyst of employment and sustainable careers. 

Resources for training and re-skilling:

  • Andela has trained 175,000+ software developers to date with partners such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, and Facebook. We will be launching refugee-specific training imminently.
  • Na’amal provides skills and remote readiness training and mentorship to support refugees and vulnerable populations.
  • Techfugees delivers programs for refugees to learn digital skills to land a job in tech.
  • focuses on finding and developing people with the most in-demand technology skills.

Be sure to register and join the special event Devs for Ukraine on April 25th & 26th – a free online developer conference to raise funds for Ukraine.