Remote work and the great reshuffle: 5 ways to reinvent your career with Andela

In 2022, working remotely is no longer just a benefit for most technologists – it’s a necessity. Over the past two years, as companies across the globe have embraced the emerging remote-first culture, Andela has helped some of the world’s most talented technologists, from developers to product managers, to find their next career adventure.

With record numbers of technologists applying to join the Andela Talent Network, the future of work is remote; and we’re discovering that tech talent are leveraging this industry shift to embrace flexible working and new career challenges. 

During “the Great Resignation” of 2021, workers across the globe were inspired – or driven – to re-evaluate their careers and quit their jobs due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, meaning organizations have to find new ways to navigate the effects of the pandemic.

Following a period of unprecedented uncertainty and disruption, millions of workers are starting over, looking for roles that offer a better a work-life balance and a workplace more aligned with their values and needs.

As the world’s most trusted marketplace for global talent, Andela is at the forefront of the remote work evolution, connecting brilliance with opportunity. 

If you’re itching for a career change, here are five ways Andela can help you reinvent your career.

1. Blogs and webinars

It can be daunting to reinvent your career, after you’ve gained skills and experience in previous roles. Where do you start? Research is key to understanding where you want to focus your attentions. Are you a software engineer considering a new career in product management, or an IOS developer moving to Android?

Do you need to revamp your LinkedIn profile to attract global employers, or learn to manage your time better? Blogs and webinars provide guidance for utilizing hidden features that can make you stand out to potential employers, as well as many other sage pieces of advice. We offer insights into the tech industry specifically tailored to our technologists’ interests. Check out our Andela Blog and our on-demand webinars, featuring thought leaders from across the globe who can help guide you through your career transition.

Join the Andela Talent Network to find your next role

With more than 175,000 technologists in our community, in over 90 countries, we’re committed to creating diverse remote engineering teams with the world’s top talent.

All you need to do to join the Andela Talent Network is to follow our sign-up process. Submit your details via our online application then…

Complete an English fluency test – 15 minutes.

Complete a technical assessment on your chosen skill (Python, Golang etc.) – 1 hour.

Meet with one of our Senior Developers for a technical interview – 1 hour.

Visit the Andela Talent Network sign-up page to find out more.

3. Connect with the Andela Community

Chatting to your peers who’ve also experienced a change in career can help ground your thoughts, and push you in the right direction, towards a new career that aligns with your needs. Andela offers support to a global community of technologists, where members can share ideas, swap advice and career stories, and collaborate on projects. With regular collaborative events such as Hackathons, competitions and meet-ups – both virtual and in person – you can discover a whole new world within the development and engineering community.

4. Hone your skills with the ALC

Technologists never lose their passion for learning. As technology evolves, and as organizations create new roles, it’s imperative that you seek new ways to hone your craft, in order to revolutionize your career. Do you want to learn a new programming language, like Python, to help you stand out from the crowd? Or would you like to brush up on your collaboration or leadership skills to take that next step in your career journey? The Andela Learning Community aims to help you to build the skills to guide you to that new career path, through our extensive collection of courses and hands on mentorship. We’ve trained over 100,000 learners and understand the needs of technologists. As a result, we have supported many of these technologists to land a better job opportunity in the tech space. 

Agnes Muthoni, our Director of Talent Partnerships at Andela, feels confident that honing your skills will pay off, as online learning becomes crucial to career development. ‘The great reshuffle has thrown into sharp focus the need for educational providers to think outside the box. Andela was already delivering most of its tech training on our online learning community platform long before the pandemic hit. We understand that our education environments need to cater to our new work/learn from anywhere environment, ensuring we create flexible and clear training that meets the needs of our global students.’

5. Be prepared for anything

In a competitive industry like technology, technologists are highly skilled when it comes to adapting quickly to change.

Rosa Langhammer, Andela’s Head of Talent Experience, believes that our community members are prepared for anything as they grow their careers. 

‘We understand that our technologists are considering ‘what’s next’ and weighing up their options after the great reshuffle. Our talent community is really assessing the overall experience and lifestyle impact of seeking new opportunities; factors such as the ability to grow professionally, do interesting and meaningful work, being able to improve their quality of life outside of work and anytime, anywhere flexibility are all top of mind.’

Join a like-minded community of technologists and reinvent your career for 2022. It’s never too late to try something new!

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