How to streamline your distributed workforce—with the CTO of Tresarti

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At Web Summit 2021, we checked in with Alessandro Cavinato, Co-Founder and CTO at Tresarti, a “digital tailor” that merges technology and Italian tradition to offer bespoke shirts to anyone with a smartphone. Alessandro is one of a small but mighty team of ten people distributed across the US, Italy, and Switzerland. We chatted about remote tools, strategic scaling, and having fun as a team. 

Use the right tools to make remote work a success

Alessandro says that Tresarti solves their problems by “keeping communication and engagement very high.” Working across different time zones is one of their top challenges, as it can be difficult to make sure team members deliver on deadlines across geographies. To address this, the Tresarti team uses a full stack of project management and communication tools. These include Jira for technical aspects, Trello for business-related topics, and a number of communication channels.

Test talent before you scale your team

Tresarti tightly focuses on capability when it comes to scaling. They ensure that anyone they potentially bring onto the team is a good match. For example, if they need a new developer for a specific project, Alessandro tells us that they “generally start outsourcing the development so we can test if they’re a good fit for us and if Tresarti is a good fit for them. If the relationship goes well, we tend to hire that person.”

Come together in person to have a good time

After the challenges of the pandemic, the team of ten plans to finally gather in Rome to connect and enjoy themselves. Alessandro says they’re looking forward to visiting museums and other recreational activities. Coming together to bond every six months is part of their company plan, so long as COVID and lockdowns allow.

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