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If you’re reading this, you’re either trying to get into Andela or you’re trying to get someone – a sibling or a friend – to join Andela as a software engineer. This post will lay out the entire process, and answer some of your burning questions about what we do as a company, so stick around till the end.

For starters, there are two ways to join Andela as a software engineer. You could join:

  1. As a Fellow
  2. As a Senior Software Engineer

1. What is The Andela Fellowship?

The Andela Fellowship is a four-year program that opens you up to a new kind of work experience where you work as an integral part of global engineering teams while getting mentorship from senior software engineers as you grow in your career.

What the Andela Fellowship is not:

  • A school
  • An NGO
  • A training center.

The Andela Fellowship is a full-time job. Our software engineers – referred to as Fellows – are employees who are part of a globally distributed team. We are currently in Lagos, Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, New York City, San Francisco, and Austin. Our Fellows leverage technology to work from their city while collaborating with team members across multiple time zones.

How To Apply To The Andela Fellowship

Applying to join the Andela Fellowship is a 5-step process:

  1. Home Study
  2. Assessment Tests
  3. Code Review & Face-to-face Interview
  4. Boot Camp
  5. Acceptance

The Home Study Program:

This is an Introduction to Software Development curriculum designed by Andela for applicants new to programming. The curriculum contains material required to grasp the fundamentals of Computer Science and build a solid foundation in programming.

Applicants without a formal background in Computer Science frequently apply to join Andela – we encourage it. However, unless you have prior programming experience, your chances of scaling through Phase 2 (Assessments) will be very slim. Applicants are advised to take out time to study the curriculum and practice before applying to the Fellowship, to improve their odds of getting selected.

The curriculum is available for free online, and applicants can take as long as they need to learn and master the concepts taught in it before moving onto the Assessment Test.

Link to the Andela Home Study Curriculum

Assessment Test

All applicants who apply to the Fellowship at any given intake cycle go through an assessment test to determine if they are a right fit. There are three initial tests:

  • Saberr Test: a personality test to see if they’re the right fit for what Andela is looking for.
  • First Technical Assessment Test: This test requires you to build an app. Turn around time for this test is 3 business days.
  • Second Technical Assessment Test: Applicants who pass the first technical assessment will get an email inviting them to take another technical assessment. It a mix of quizzes and practice tests, and the turn-around time for this test is 10 business days.

Code Review & Face-to-face Interview

Applicants who pass the assessment tests are invited to an in-person interview where they are assessed further on alignment with Andela’s EPIC values and an understanding of relevant technology.

Boot Camp

Applicants who pass the in-person interview stage are invited to participate in a 2-week boot camp. The boot camp is split into two stages:

  1. One week of home-based learning, and
  2. One week of product development on-site.


Applicants who scale through the boot camp are accepted into the Fellowship and go through an immersive onboarding process. That’s when their awesome journeys as Andela Fellows begin.

2. The Senior Software Engineer Program

The second pathway to join Andela as a software engineer is as a Senior Software Engineer Andela hires senior engineers to work as team leads with partner companies across the globe.

Senior Software Engineers lead teams of Andela engineers and serve as the point person for our partner companies. Also, SSEs serve as mentors and coaches to junior software engineers, who, in turn, are the next generation of world-class software engineers. SSEs are important to our mission to advance human potential by powering today’s team and investing in tomorrow’s leaders.

How To Apply

If you have at least four years experience as a software engineer and feel like you have the requisite skill set and the desire to do work that matters on a global scale, you should apply to Andela as a Senior Software Engineer.

After four years of interviewing thousands of software engineers, we have honed in on an optimal hiring process for software engineers. Here’s how we think about the power of EQ x IQ in redefining what a 10x developer means.

Looking to start your career as a software engineer at Andela? Apply to the Fellowship.

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