Why you should consider hiring a Salesforce Business Analyst

In this latest installment of our series “Breaking down key Salesforce roles,” we dive into the role of Salesforce Business Analysts. Read on to learn all about Salesforce Business Analysts and what you should look for when hiring for this specialized role.

What does a Salesforce Business Analyst do?

A Salesforce Business Analyst eats and breathes data. They can look at a stakeholder’s intersecting and multidimensional data, and then think through exposed problems, document user-stories, and make actionable recommendations. This is an evidence-based role with a strong analytic mindset adept at converting business processes into strategic Salesforce solutions. They are the ones that validate whether Salesforce implementations are working within an organization.  

The ultimate job of the Salesforce Business Analysts is to interpret how a stakeholder’s aims are going to be accomplished using Salesforce—they define what a business wants and how it will get done. From identifying key insights to visually mapping out business processes to pinpointing revenue-boosting opportunities, the Salesforce Business Analyst gets the stakeholder what they need from their technology. 

When hiring Salesforce Business Analysts, keep an eye out for:

  • Fantastic mentors who identify how to deliver a stakeholders requirements to certify a superior user experience 
  • Data analysts that gather, test, report, and interrupt information to enhance present and future business process flow 
  • Able to think through problems, document user-stories, and make actionable recommendations

Ready to bring Salesforce Business Analysts to your team?

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