Andela Launches Senior Developer Recruitment In Cairo

By Solomon Osadolo
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Today, Andela is launching recruitment for Senior Developers in Cairo as we continue to invest in building an elite, pan-African tech workforce. Senior Developers serve as team leads for Andela’s partner companies around the world, and they’re critical to Andela’s mission of investing in Africa’s most talented software developers to power the continent’s digital revolution.


Why Cairo? Over the past year, we visited and analyzed several different markets around Africa. With a competitive technical talent pool, a commitment to ICT growth, and operational simplicity of hiring in the country, Cairo was a clear frontrunner. We are opening applications to senior developers in Cairo who are looking to accelerate their careers by working alongside high-performing global engineering organizations and leading teams of Andela developers.


Since Andela believes that the future of work is distributed, Senior Developers will work remote-first from Cairo, allowing them to gain global experience while actively building their local tech ecosystems. Our Cairo developers will join the ranks of the 50+ Senior Developers Andela has hired to date, based in Lagos, Nairobi, Kampala, Accra and Cameroon.



Andela, for those who aren’t familiar, was founded in 2014 to invest in Africa’s top technical minds
and help global companies overcome the severe shortage of skilled software developers. Since, we’ve launched operations in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda, and hired more than 700 engineers who collectively help power the technology teams of more than 150 global companies like Viacom, Pluralsight and GitHub. They’re proving every day that brilliance is evenly distributed while setting new standards for global engineering culture.


As always, we are excited to expand our footprint in Africa. We expect to collaborate heavily with Egypt’s top tech leaders who have already built an inspiring tech ecosystem, and who we believe will be strong partners in continuing to connect Cairo to the global marketplace. Interested in collaborating with Andela to scale our efforts in Egypt? Email us at


To keep up with the latest Cairo news, follow our twitter @Andela_Cairo.


To learn more about the Senior Developer role, click here.

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Solomon Osadolo
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