“Being at Andela has shown me that I can hone my expertise and I am limitless.”

// Yetunde_Sanni

// Senior_Software_Developer, Andela

Change the world, one line of code at a time.

At Andela, you’ll get to work with the world’s leading engineering teams and master the professional and technical skills needed to become a global technology leader. We seek out and hire exceptional people from a variety of backgrounds who are committed to unlocking their full potential and using technology to change the world.



Andela Developer

Working as a developer means I need to have an accelerated learning curve. Technology is dynamic, and the need to learn something new and learn it fast is always there. It’s exciting, but also challenging. I love it.

We believe in investing in people.

Andela is a network of lifelong learners. We seek out remarkable people — those who demonstrate progress and potential — and provide you with the resources you need to hone and master your craft.

6-month onboarding

During your first six months with Andela, you’ll work on one of our internal product teams, specializing in a tech stack and developing the professional skills you need to thrive on a world-class engineering team. We provide the mentorship, coaching, and resources — you bring the grit, passion, and an endless desire to learn.

White-Glove Support: Behind the Scenes Benefits of Staff Augmentation 2.0

Engineering Staff Augment


Gain valuable experience building global products.

After six months of onboarding, we place you as a full-time Software Developer with one of our partner companies, which range from leading engineering organizations like GitHub and Zapier to venture-backed technology companies like CommonBond and Gusto. You’ll work as a distributed member of their engineering team from one of our tech campuses in Lagos, Nairobi, Kampala, or Kigali.

Master the art of distributed development.

Tech firms are embracing the distributed model of work to access top talent around the world. We’ll arm you with the professional and communication skills you need to thrive as a remote member of any global engineering team.



A little face time goes a long way

That’s why every Andela Developer travels to their partner’s headquarters to kickstart an engagement. Once you meet your new team in-person and spend at least two weeks working out of their office, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running once you return home.

Scale your skills

Our process ensures that you simultaneously hone and master core technical skills and soft skills.These cover team skills such as professionalism, communication, integration, values alignment, and the ability to incorporate feedback. We believe this combination will help you add the most value while working in distributed teams of global engineering companies.

How we develop developers

The world needs more great software developers. We already figured out what it takes to create them. We’ve seen Silicon Valley churn out thousands — they begin with a solid grounding in computer science and hone their skills throughout years of experience working alongside the best in the field. What if you could replicate that process and then use technology to make the experience better and faster? Welcome to Andela.


Unleash your potential

After going through our process and working as a distributed developer for a number of global teams, you’ll have the skills and experience to thrive in today’s digital economy. From complex problem-solving to cross-cultural team building, you’ll join an elite class of leaders and technologist building the future.


Are you already an experienced senior developer?


Hiring Managers

Don’t let talent hold you back. Tell us what you need to build and we’ll assemble a team with the right experience and culture fit.


We’re looking for dreamers and builders with remarkable talent and limitless potential. Think you have what it takes?

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