Technical Leadership Program (Rwanda)

Andela Technical
Leadership Program

Empowering Rwandans to become world-class engineers

Get on the fast track

Work with world-class engineers
and master the skills needed
to boost your career

Skills to thrive in a global, remote world

The Andela Technical Leadership Program (ATLP) is a 9-month program that covers the technical and soft skills needed to thrive as a software engineer.

Exclusive to Rwandan Nationals

Our program is built in partnership with the Rwanda Ministry of ICT and Innovation. We strive to empower Rwandese nationals with the prerequisite software engineering they need to be future leaders.


A nine-month career accelerator empowering Rwandese nationals to become world-class engineers.

Work with world-class engineering teams and master the professional and technical skills needed to accelerate your career. We seek out and hire exceptional people from a variety of backgrounds who are committed to unlocking their full potential and using technology to change the world.

  1. Apply
    Complete an online application, technical assessment, and interview.
  2. Core Concepts

    Successful candidates are invited to an 8-week core concepts phase. Building a solid foundation in web development and teamwork essentials.
  3. Team Projects
    Partake in a 14-week active development of team projects to practice your new technical skills.
  4. Apprenticeship
    Gain experience working with distributed teams on real-world products and active users over the next 14 weeks.

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