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The Andela Technical Leadership Program (formerly known as StackUp) is an 8-month program that covers the technical and soft skills needed to thrive as a software engineer.

Exclusive to Rwandan Nationals

Our program is built in partnership with the Rwanda Ministry of ICT and Innovation. We strive to empower Rwandese nationals with the prerequisite software engineering they need to be future leaders.



What is the Andela Technical Leadership Program?

The Andela Technical Leadership Program (formerly known as StackUp) is now a 9 months career Accelerator program implemented by Andela in partnership with the Ministry of ICT and Innovation. The program aims at empowering Rwandese nationals with the prerequisite software engineering skills to become world-class engineers. It’s a blend of technical and soft skills training that is essential for professionals to thrive in any work environment, especially when working with a distributed team.

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the program is 9 months. In the first 2 months, you will be engaged in a BootCamp phase. The second phase will be 3 months of the Team Project Work phase.

The Bootcamp phase will help candidates understand their career goals while helping them build a solid foundation in web development and teamwork skills required to be successful in the project work phase. The Bootcamp phase will be concluded by completing a personal portfolio website using cutting edge web technologies. The project work phase comprises a simulated product that you shall build as a team. Finally, in the apprenticeship phase, the trainees get to work on real-world products, solve problems, and integrate into distributed teams.

Do I need to focus on improving my English proficiency?

Yes, you need to take ownership of improving your English. During the Bootcamp and project Work phases of the program, you shall be assessed on English proficiency. You shall also be supported through an English LevelUp program. You, however, have to pass through an English screening and subsequent assessments during the Bootcamp phase before you can get this support.

What is Andela’s culture of Learning?

At Andela, we believe that Work === Learning. Meaning that you learn while doing the work and not learning then later on applying it to the work. At the heart of learning and working is effective feedback giving. In order for feedback to be effective, it has to be ASK (Actionable, Specific and Kind) Feedback. Although there is all support that one can need, we believe that one has to take ownership of their learning, hence the YOYO (You Own Your Own) learning attitude.

Will I get paid a salary during the Andela Technical Leadership Program?

No, you will not. The Andela Technical Leadership Program is a remote and free program – open to Rwandans only – where you are given access to tools and resources to learn and prove your worth before you are eventually hired at local or international companies.

Can I apply for the Andela Technical Leadership if I have another job?

Yes, you can, but only if your other job allows for flexibility in terms of working hours. Andela Technical Leadership is a full time 6 hours per day engagement that shall follow a calendar of activities, some of which shall be offered at particular times. This will make it difficult if you have a stringent time constraint in your other job.

Can I apply for the Andela Technical Leadership Program if I am still a student at university?

Yes, you can, but you have to be at the tail end of completing your studies (final semester) and above 18 years old. You also have to have a study schedule that is flexible enough to allow you to commit at least 6 hours per day to the program.

Can I voluntarily drop off the program?

We highly encourage you to commit and work through the program, but should there be a need for you to drop off, you have the right to do so.

Can I be exited from the program?

Yes, you can. This is based on unsatisfactory performance on the tech and non-tech work, failure to attend at least 80% of sessions and or breach of our integrity and Plagiarism policies.

What is Plagiarism and Integrity Policy?

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. A Plagiarism policy has been developed that adequately addresses what constitutes plagiarism. We also have an Integrity policy that we shall abide by in the entirety of the program.

How do I achieve success at the end of the Andela Technical Leadership Program?

We have enough career guidance already baked in different stages of the Andela Technical Leadership Program. So, by the end of the program, you will have acquired enough knowledge, connections, and the necessary skills to land you a job in local and even international companies.

From the Alumni
“During project work, the biggest learning happens as you work with other talented software engineers and consistently assess your own level. It is the best way to grow your skill level.”
Gisele Iradukunda
Software Engineer, Andela

A nine-month career accelerator empowering Rwandese nationals to become world-class engineers.

Work with world-class engineering teams and master the professional and technical skills needed to accelerate your career. We seek out and hire exceptional people from a variety of backgrounds who are committed to unlocking their full potential and using technology to change the world.


Complete an online application, technical assessment,
and interview.



Successful candidates are invited to a 2-month bootcamp. Build a solid foundation in web development and teamwork essentials.



Partake in a 14-week active development project to practice your
new technical skills.



Gain experience working with distributed teams on real-world products and active users over the next 14 weeks.


Fast track your career as a software engineer.
Apply to the next class to unlock your full potential.