Andela Engineering Framework

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Welcome to the Andela Engineering Framework! Here, you will find the expectations for your engineering level, as well as guidance on how to grow and progress in your career.  This is intended as a reference tool and not a checklist.  Not every item will be relevant to every engineer.

See the Engineering Framework Guide for help applying the framework and the Glossary of Terms for help navigating the competencies.

Please see below for the three components of the Andela Engineering Framework
  • Professional Skills: Universal core expectations for Andela engineers across all levels
  • Universal Competencies: A tech-agnostic growth matrix per level (assumes cumulative knowledge of all earlier levels)
  • Technical Competencies: Technical expertise within a specific area of focus

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Professional Skills

The foundation for all Andela engineers as far as rules of conduct, engagement, and responsibility.

  • E.P.I.C. Values
  • Professional Skills
  • Growth Oriented
    Proactively identifies areas for own growth

    Feedback Oriented
    Proactively seeks feedback, and provides and receives feedback with thoughtfulness

    Treats Andelans, partners, and humans of all backgrounds with respect

    Flexible to learn and change based on environment, feedback, and shifting landscapes

    Recognizes the efforts and successes of others

    Professional tone, language, and demeanor in all interactions

    On time to meetings and proactively communicates unexpected lateness

  • Andela Business Acumen
    Confidently articulates Andela’s mission and business model

    Takes Initiative
    Shows initiative to go the extra mile for personal, team, and partner success

    Approaches work and life with an infectious drive toward personal and team success

    Personal Bench Management
    Time on the bench is spent wisely to enhance skills and seek new placements

    Up-to-Date Data/Profile
    Proactively maintains up-to-date personal/skill information

  • TIA
    Proudly represents the brand of Andela, at all times, including supporting sales calls, assessments, and interviews

    Adheres to confidentiality expectations of Andela and partner

    Publicly Responsible
    Uses social media responsibly and with respect for themselves, the Andela brand, and their partners

    Empathetic and considers the thoughts and feelings of others

    Maintains focus on work-related activities during working hours

    Open to asking for help and feedback, when needed

    Mediates Conflict
    Identifies areas of conflict and understands how to proactively mediate, resolve, and when to appropriately escalate

  • Relationship Builder
    Invests in building great relationships in all interactions

    Sets clear expectations and proactively communicates when unable to meet a timeline

    Responds to queries in a timely manner

    Supports others to help the team and partner succeed

    Listens Effectively
    Actively listens and aims to build an understanding of the context and content of what is being said

    Communicates planned time off with necessary staff and partners, with reasonable notice, one month, when possible

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