ProdPerfect Scaled to 35 ‘Ridiculously Talented’ Engineers with Andela

Andela Prodperfect title

ProdPerfect is built to serve software startups. They exist to solve the hardest, most important, and until-now unsolved problem in end-to-end (E2E) quality assurance testing: identifying, with data, what should be tested. When the ProdPerfect team was ready to scale their engineering team, they knew time was of the essence. They needed both test and automation experts to write scripts to build end-to-end JavaScript testing frameworks using Node.js, Vanilla JS, Angular JS, and TypeScript.

However, ProdPerfect wasn’t looking to just get coders, they needed to find problem solvers who could help build something that had never been built before.

Learn more about how 35 Andela engineers stepped in and became an integral component of ProdPerfect’s development team.

“It’s been a perfect fit for us – beyond just their skills, Andela engineers are fully integrated into our team working at our speed. It’s not just the speed of creating code, it’s the speed of solving the problem. And that level of engagement, the creativity, the feedback allows us to solve these problems faster than if we just had a body of people who wrote code.”

Erik Fogg
COO, ProdPerfecT

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