How Percolate bypassed the competition and augmented team with Andela

Percolate is a leading content marketing platform, built by marketers for marketers. They build solutions to introduce visibility into the marketing process, improve coordination of work, and effectively build marketing campaigns and content. After offshoring for mobile development, Percolate wanted more team integration for their primary application. With main offices in New York, San Francisco, […]

Wellthy leverages Andela engineers to tackle short-term optimizations and long-term upgrades

In 2020, 20% of Americans identified as unpaid caregivers, and 26% of that cohort reported difficulty with coordinating care. Wellthy provides services and solutions for individuals and families with complex, chronic, and ongoing care needs. By supporting users with finding providers, scheduling appointments, and navigating other administrative tasks related to caregiving, Wellthy hopes to transform […]

Learn how companies like GitHub optimize a globally distributed engineering team with Andela, at Viva Tech 2022!

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets software developers work together on projects from anywhere. GitHub provides one of the most widely used tool sets for supporting the software development lifecycle in the world. As Covid forced more companies to operate on a distributed basis, GitHub’s products, providing collaboration […]

Vibes Uses Andela to Quickly Scale Team and Build Crucial Products

Headquartered in Chicago, Vibes is an international leader in mobile marketing engagement, helping brands build personal relationships with consumers by delivering compelling and profitable mobile conversations. With so much competition for engineering talent, Vibes was finding it difficult to hire top developers quickly and cost-effectively. They also wanted a hiring solution that went above and […]

Andela Helps Weave Scale their Engineering Hiring

Weave gives high-touch, service-based businesses a unified and integrated suite of communications tools to connect and share information seamlessly. By combining customer communication with customer data in one smart, care-centric interaction, Weave helps improve scheduling, customer response, online reputation, team workflow, and revenue generation. A deeply intentional company culture keeps Weave ranked #1 place to […]

How Showclix Overcame the Pittsburgh Talent Shortage and Hit Growth Targets with Andela

ShowClix, a product of Patron Technology, offers a full-service technology solution to help professional event organizers handle ticketing, seating, marketing, analytics, customer support, and on-site operations for events. Pittsburgh-based Showclix faced a shifting and difficult hiring landscape: graduates from the city’s top universities sought more competitive markets and big tech companies opening new Pittsburgh offices […]


A lack of diversity and a shortage of qualified candidates are two of the top hiring challenges identified by 36,000 engineers in a 2018 survey by HackerRank. To overcome these challenges and tap into a global talent pool, many companies are going distributed. After publicly committing to diversify their engineering team, Gusto embraced the distributed […]


When working with Remote Developers, “distributed” does NOT have to mean “difficult.” Andela’s trainers are working with the best and brightest to build the next generation of tech leaders—a whole new breed of remote developers. In doing so, they constantly have the chance to test and review new remote collaboration and productivity technologies as they become available. They’ve […]