A Brief Look into .Net Interactive in Visual Studio Code

In this week’s Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community member Haymanot Tamrat explores using .NET interactive in Visual Studio Code. In early 2020, to get started and explore dotNET REPLs, a NET developer had to install Anaconda, Jupyter, and Python. Now, all a developer has to do is install a single Visual Studio Code extension (keeping […]

The UX Designer career roadmap

User experience designers – otherwise known as UX Designers – are an essential part of technical product teams, closely involved in anything from app creation to website builds. A creative, engaging, and fulfilling career choice, UX Design jobs are some of the most sought after across the world. The UX Designer’s role is to make […]

Using UX design to help agile teams thrive

In this Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community Member and UX researcher Carlos Tay explains how UX design can enable agile teams to thrive! As part of an Agile team, UX professionals need to be closely involved in scrums and other essential meetings to ensure open communication, influence product success, and to contribute to the team’s […]

Redux Toolkit: State management for the future

In this Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community Member Ebenezer Adjei explores the new and improved Redux – Redux Toolkit – and its capabilities for the future of State Management! Redux Toolkit is a great tool that has finally taken over the core Redux. It encompasses all the features of Redux with extra capabilities. When using […]

Writer’s Room: 5 tips for technical writing

As a technologist, showcasing your skill set is essential to gaining the attention of potential employers and like-minded developers, engineers, and technical professionals. Whether you’re a Ruby developer or data scientist, UX designer, or product manager, by creating content, particularly technical tutorials and thought leadership articles, you can share your knowledge and center yourself as […]

How to build the ultimate design portfolio

Creating a killer design portfolio is as much a design task as it is a critical part of the process of showcasing your work to potential clients. But what makes a great design portfolio? How do you ensure that anyone looking at your portfolio isn’t just blown away by how amazing it looks, but gets […]

The Senior ReactJS Developer Roadmap

Calling all ReactJS developers! Are you a mid-level ReactJS developer looking to upgrade to a senior-level role? Or, are you already a senior developer, seeking to upskill and perfect your craft? Front-end development is an ever-evolving industry, where programming languages and applications are continuously updated, and new and improved releases hit the market before you’ve […]

The future is WFH: empower your career remotely

Flexible working is here to stay. In the aftermath of the pandemic, many global organizations – including Andela – adopted a remote-first culture, building a business model around the lifestyle and productivity benefits of working from home. As a remote-first company, Andela believes that no matter where you’re based in the world, you should have […]

A sneak peek into React Hooks

Topics Overview of React Hooks Why are Hooks created? Rules to follow useState and useEffect Hooks Hooks API Reference Overview of React HooksReact.js is an open-source JavaScript-based UI library that uses component-based architecture and is widely used for web and mobile app development. A component in React is an isolated and reusable piece of code. […]

Apache Solr Search Engine: What you need to know!

Have you ever been in a situation where you have an enterprise app with data that exists in an SQL Database, and the business team asked you for a text search feature? If you answered yes, most probably your first trial was to conduct a text-based search using the database query. However, it might work, […]

Tech pride: LGBTQIAS2+ allyship in the technology community

The month of June is recognized around the world as Pride Month: a celebration of and reflection on the civil rights movement for LGBTQIAS2+ communities.  As a rapidly evolving industry, technology appeals to a global world of technologists, and it is this far-reaching, diverse community that is enabling the industry to grow quickly and efficiently. […]

The six secrets to becoming a tech leader

The technology industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and for any senior-level technologist seeking career progression, it can be overwhelming. But the key to embracing the constant shifts is learning to develop your own skills. Changes in the tech industry aren’t part of natural evolution – they’re driven by tech leaders, fuelling innovation and […]

Three reasons why you should be using Salesforce forms

When collecting customer data, the headaches often stem from having to manually input data points and manage large deposits of data that may include redundant information. As a Salesforce Admin currently embedded at an eCommerce company that sells sleep products, I’ve learned how powerful Salesforce forms can create unique user journeys resulting in better, cleaner […]

Three guiding principles for interactive experiences in EdTech

From K-12 to higher education and workforce upskilling, there’s a growing global demand for online learning. According to one report, the global EdTech market holds an absolute growth of more than 130% between 2022 and 2027. The ethos of EdTech companies is to share education with the world. This alone has revolutionized the education industry. Today, […]

To SQL or not to SQL, that is the question

When Prince Hamlet opens his soliloquy with the phrase “To be, or not to be”, he is debating between living and dying. While this article will not delve into this morbid subject, the decision to use a relational or non-relational database for your application has far reaching consequences. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading […]

LGBTQIAS2+ tech pioneers who helped shape the industry

Pride month is celebrated throughout June, across many countries around the world. Andela is proud to be a global organization honoring the countless contributions to the tech industry by members of LGBTQIAS2+ communities through our #AndelaPride365 campaign. An important part of celebrating Pride is paying tribute to LGBTQIAS2+ individuals who paved the way by shaping […]

How to work for a global tech company, anytime, anywhere

​​​​ The remote workplace is becoming increasingly dominant in the technology industry. Technology is enabling remote work, and technologists are benefiting from it. The world of work has changed dramatically over the past two and a half years. Before COVID-19, some companies had embraced a remote-first strategy, but they were the exception rather than the […]

Don’t fear legacy data migration to Salesforce

As a Salesforce Developer currently embedded at a software company in the professional services industry, I’ve worked on wide-ranging projects that impact everyday business value. One of the most critical projects I’ve focused on recently involves migrating legacy data from an existing system over to Salesforce. Migrating legacy data is necessary for a number of […]

A day in the life of a UX designer

In this week’s Writer’s Room – a regular blog series of articles and tutorials written by technologists from within our Andela Community – Carlos Tay takes us through a day in the life of a UX designer! AM to PM: A day in the life of a UX designer As UX designers, on a daily […]

Consume SOAP web service the Node.js way (REST)

In this week’s Writer’s Room – a regular blog series of articles and tutorials written by technologists from within our Andela Community – Chesvic Hillary explains how you can consume the SOAP web service the Node.js way! The word SOAP triggers goosebumps for both junior and experienced developers, yet it’s a web protocol that cannot […]

An introduction to asynchronous programming in Python with Async IO

In this week’s Writer’s Room – a regular blog series of articles and tutorials written by technologists from within our Andela Community – Ezzeddin Abdullah offers an introduction to asynchronous programming in Python using Async IO. Writing sequential (or synchronous) code is familiar to many programmers, even when they’re just getting started. It’s the kind […]

Tips for technologists: Rewarding greatness in teams

As part of our Writer’s Room blog series – articles and tutorials written by technologists from within our Andela Community – Fullstack Engineer Ewere Ebie discusses how organizations can reward greatness in the teams. In a tech ecosystem that is based around collaboration and team effort, the tendency to overlook individual brilliance cannot be overstated. […]

ReactJS Tutorial on Creating a Custom Select/Dropdown

Continuity of elements on a website across browsers is essential. I was excited to be asked to create a ReactJs tutorial for a custom select element so that when implemented on a website the dropdown menu looks the same in all browsers. This type of dropdown menu CSS can be necessary because the built-in browser select […]

Why do we still need coffee? How to utilize the benefits of Java

In the first of our Writer’s Room blogs – articles and tutorials written by technologists from within our Andela Community – Software Engineer Amuda Adeolu Badmus discusses why you should embrace Java! Programming languages come and go – but Java remains Java’s global popularity can’t be denied. The programming language runs on billions of today’s […]

Using Golang to Create a RESTful JSON API

For this article, we are going to go through the process of creating an API that will let users both create and view events. In case you’re interested, you can find the final source code for this tutorial on GitHub. Steps to take before getting started To work through the tutorial, you need to have […]

How African developers are building a world-leading community

In late 2021, Andela commissioned the Africa Developer Survey, designed to shine a spotlight on the often under-represented continent of Africa, and the plethora of talented technologists operating within. From insights into education, remote work, and the start-up culture permeating the industry, the report captured the DNA of Africa’s technologists, emphasizing the untapped potential of […]