Using Data Analytics in Product Development Lifecycle

Join us at this Online Technical Workshop to explore ways analytics can be incorporated in product design with a focus on best practices and metrics to measure at different stages of products/startups growth. By the end of the session, developers, PM’s and designers will identify opportunities and use-cases of data analytics within various development cycles. This […]

The Big O with Python

Join us at this session of Public Technical Workshops to learn how to write programs that run fast as your data grows by identifying which parts of your code are bottlenecks and refactoring them. This workshop, The Big O with Python, will be led by Dennis Wainaina. Dennis is Software engineer with 7 years of experience in […]

Impact of Agriculture on Rural Development with Pandas

Pandas is a software library written for the Python programming language for data manipulation and analysis. In particular, it offers data structures and operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series. This session will start with a brief introduction to Pandas but will mostly focus on an intimidate level usage of Python and Pandas to explore data on […]

Web API Penetration Testing

This month’s workshop is powered by SheHacks KE SheHacks KE is a community of women in Cybersecurity looking to bridge the skill and diversity gap in #InfoSec in Kenya. In this session on Web API Penetration Testing, we introduce the subject of security Web and API analysis using formal techniques. The approaches to be showcased have recently […]

Dockerizing Rails for Zero Downtime Deployments

Rails is a framework built with Ruby on some nine principles. The most popular of these principles is the famous “Convention over Configuration” which has gone on to shape how other frameworks behave, and how software engineering (especially around web applications) is practiced. Convention over Configuration helps abstract out the boilerplate/infrastructural support code, so the software developer […]

TensorFlow 2.0 Global Docs Sprint

Tensor Flow is an end-to-end open-source platform open-source library to help you develop and train Machine Learning models. Documentation is the first important element that developers need to have for any open source project. This workshop will be part of the global 2.0 Tensor Flow Docs Sprint. In this session we will learn how to […]

Andela Health Hackathon

#AndelaIDIHealthHack The Andela-IDI Health Hackathon is being organised in line withThe Health Innovations Conference.VENUE: Kampala Serena Conference center “Technology for the last mile.” How can technology be used to improve health access for the last mile?In the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is a need to identify teams that are looking to create […]