Toast to Talent 2023

Thursday, April 6th, 2023 5:30 pm EST, Zoom link provided Join us and other technology leaders for a virtual wine tasting. What do wine and talent have in common? Both are tough to match perfectly. That’s why we invite you to learn about both at Andela’s virtual wine tasting on Thursday, April 6th at 6pm […]

Design Portfolio Presentation Workshop

Lots of experienced product designers fail to land job opportunities and this is not because they’re not great designers, it’s sometimes because they can’t tell their story. Your presence is not required when a first impression is being made around your work, the way your work is presented and the impression it makes on the reviewer of your portfolio will make the difference whether you will get to proceed to the next round or not. This event is aimed at teaching you how to tell your story the right way with your portfolio.

Meet Andela at Evanta’s CIO Executive Summit in Dallas

In a recent Glassdoor survey, 61% of new employees reported their role did not fit the expectations put forth during the interview process. With companies scrambling to fill headcount, CIOs should ask themselves if they are truly attracting the talent they are wishing to hire. Hosted and Moderated by Chris Chilton, Head of Data Practice […]

VIP Executive Dinner with Andela

On May 18th, experience a variety of food and drinks as you join us for an exclusive, invite-only Executive Dinner. Hosted by Chris Chilton, Head of Data and Cloud Practices at Andela and discussion leader of our executive roundtable “Building a Transparent Hiring Process and Onboarding the Right Talent” at Evanta Dallas.You’ll get the opportunity […]

Meet Andela at HIMSS

Remote work is here to stay. Is the current hiring status quo working for everyone? When hiring locally is no longer sustainable, emerging markets hold a wealth of tech talent. Join our chat covering: Join Kristin Stevens, Lead Technical Recruiter at Andela and moderated by Bree Havel, Head of Integrated Campaigns at Andela, as they […]

International Women’s Day: Breaking the bias for women in tech – with Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code

The remote world is unlocking for everyone —but specifically software engineers— amazing job opportunities with international companies like never before. Whether it is an opportunity with a hot, VC-backed exploding startup, a tech unicorn, or a rock-solid large corporation, being prepared with insider information is vital to be able to eloquently tell your story in a compelling and desirable way.

Navigating Remote Work Culture

By now we know that remote work is much more than just a passing trend, and for many innovative tech companies, a distributed workforce model is here to stay. In the last 5 years, the remote workforce saw a 44% increase globally, and at Andela, we embrace it fully. This shift in the work landscape […]

Meet Andela at Evanta’s CIO Executive Summit

Tech salaries increased by 3.6% in 2020 and quit rates for companies without a flexible work model are predicted to rise as high as 2.5% in 2022. Local engineers working from home have more options now than ever before. If remote is here to stay, is the current status quo still working for everyone? The […]

Meet Andela at Money 20/20 on Oct 24-27

Join us at Money 20/20 from October 24 – 27 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stop by our booth to discover how we can help you find the global talent that will make sure you deliver the innovation the fintech industry is known for! This premier fintech show promises to have some of the best in-depth […]

CIO 100 Virtual Symposium & Awards

Join us this year at CIO 100 Virtual Symposium & Awards, on August 17-18 & 24-25. At this event we’ll be joining the best and the brightest minds in IT for an immersive and interactive experience! We’ll have a virtual booth, and there will be a 15 minute fireside chat between Andela’s own VP of […]

Toast to Talent: A VIP Virtual Wine Tasting

On June 23rd, experience the perfect pairing of wine, cheese, and roundtable insights. Join us for an exclusive virtual wine-tasting event as we learn about the tasting notes of Napa Valley wines, meet and greet other digital leaders across the US and Europe, and raise a glass to our extraordinary client organizations.  When: Wednesday, June […]

Cheers to Engineers: A VIP Virtual Wine Tasting

On March 17th, experience the perfect pairing of wine, cheese, and roundtable insights. Join us for an exclusive virtual wine-tasting event as we learn about the tasting notes of Napa Valley wines, meet and greet other engineering leaders across the US and Europe, and raise a glass to our extraordinary client organizations.  When: Wednesday, March […]

Using the GraphQL API to Build Integrations

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Brian Douglas – Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub. The move to GraphQL marked a larger shift in GitHub’s Platform strategy towards more transparency and more flexibility in our API. Over the past few years, GitHub has been iterating on their schema to bring it closer towards feature completeness and strengthening the use for […]

Adopting Gradual Typing in Ruby with Sorbet

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Ufuk Kayserilioglu – Production Engineering Manager at Shopify. As Rubyists, our love of the language is primarily driven by its dynamic nature. However, that same feature usually ends up making large codebases hard to read and understand. When working on a sizeable codebase it becomes very difficult to know what type of values […]

Reclaim your time: Scaling Code Reviews

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Dan Putman, Solutions Engineer at Codacy. Engineers are always looking to maximise their time behind the keyboard actually building their product. However, with any non-trivial project, the code must be kept clean in order to maintain development speed and reduce defects. In this session, Reclaim your time: Scaling Code Reviews | […]

Clean Code & Architecture

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Jeremy Appel, VP – Software Engineering at JPMorgan Chase. Clean Code and Clean Architecture are both filled with principles that are timeless and can be applied regardless of the programming language in use. In this workshop, Jeremy Appel will guide us in gaining practical knowledge on how to think about clean code […]

BEYOND $ rails new

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Paul Oguda, Software Engineer at Andela. For many years, the beauty of Rails has been the command ‘rails new’. Through this, you are taken to a different world that made many people start out as software engineers as it made things seem easy (though that might not be the case!). This […]

Deep Dive into Reactive Programming with RxJava

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Mayowa Egbewunmi, Senior Software Engineer at Andela. Reactive programming is widely used in many programming languages and advance android development requires knowledge of Reactive programming.  In this workshop, you will learn how to use reactive programming to simplify concurrent operations. Mayowa has over 7 years of mobile application development both in Native […]

Talks at Andela: How to Use Data to Build Products Users Love

Talks at Andela is a webinar series open to the tech ecosystem in Africa, with the aim of connecting tech thought-leaders and experts around the world with techies on the continent, sharing experiences, lessons, and advice in multi-faceted tech and tech-related topics. For this webinar, we are having Svetlana Lekoska; Product Manager at Truecaller. Svetlana focuses on delivering […]

Number as an Identity and Importance of Seamless User On-boarding

In this month’s workshop, we will be hosting Truecaller for Developers team! This workshop will be centred around how mobile number has evolved as a primary identifier in emerging markets. We’ll talk about how important it is to provide a seamless on-boarding experience to your app users, and how Truecaller as a platform fits into the number based identity ecosystem. We will also […]

Writing Software that Scales by Default

Join us at this Online Technical Workshop to learn time-tested techniques and patterns of how to craft and design software that perform at scale. This workshop will be led by Joseph Abokpoe. Joseph is a Full Stack Software Engineer with 6 years of experience building robust and scalable cloud application with Ruby and React. It’s going to […]