ALCwithGoogle (ALC 2.0) November 2017

After a successful pilot of the Android Learning Community  with over 50% program completion rate,  Google strengthened her partnership with Andela and Udacity to run a new program, the Andela Learning Community (ALC) 2.0  that expanded it’s  reach and the number of tracks.  The program  sort to empower Nigerian and Kenyan technologists to successfully become Web, Design, and Mobile Developers

ALC 2.0 recognised that software engineering has different paths and added web development and product design to the original android track. In addition the android and web development track has a beginner path and an intermediate path to allow those who are already developers but yet to be certified to participate.

The program also gave an opportunity to experienced developers to come in as volunteer mentors.

The Results


  1. From zero to Android developer
  2. My ALC 2.0 Journey

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