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 Andela builds distributed engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software developers.

Solving the Global Tech Talent Shortage

Andela invests in Africa’s most talented software engineers to help companies solve the technical talent shortage and build high-performing distributed engineering teams.

There are five open jobs for every software developer looking for one in the U.S. alone. Africa is home to 1.2B people and 7 out of the world’s 10 fastest growing internet populations. Andela bridges that gap, solving the global tech talent shortage while catalyzing the growth of tech ecosystems on the African continent.

Over the past four years, Andela has identified and hired the top <1% of over 130,000 applicants to work as full-time distributed team members from our tech campuses in Lagos, Nairobi, and Kampala. Leveraging a proven, data-driven approach, we build high-performing engineering teams with Africa’s top developers to help companies build better products, faster.

Backed by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV, and Spark Capital, Andela is catalyzing an interconnected global tech ecosystem.

Meet The Team

Bryan Caplin

Chief Revenue Officer

Christina Sass

Co-founder & Chairman, Advisory Council & Alumni Group

Clement Uwajeneza

Country Director, Rwanda

Dan Kim

VP, Data

David Blair


Evan Green-Lowe

VP, Talent Development

Isaac Itenberg


Jackie Ochola

Country Director, Uganda

Janet Maingi

Country Director, Kenya

Jeremy Johnson

Co-founder & CEO

Jess Hunt


Kirsten Canton

VP, Deputy General Counsel

Milli Feldman

VP, People

Omowale David-Ashiru

Country Director, Nigeria

Seni Sulyman

VP, Global Operations

Wambui Kinya

VP, Partner Engineering

Rama El Safty

Country Director, Egypt

In the Press

In the Press

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