Engineering Hiring and Workplace Trends: Finding, Hiring, and Managing Talent in 2021

Welcome to the year in which you’ll hire engineers without ever meeting your prospects in person.

engineering workplace trends 2021

In 2020, strategic plans for hiring, staffing, and retention were tossed out the window as the pandemic took hold and remote work became the norm.

In 2021, engineering leaders hope to take control of the dramatically different staffing landscape.

We spoke to engineering leaders and industry experts to collect insights on three major trends impacting the hiring and retention landscape right now:

  1. The adoption of technology to support remote collaboration 
  2. The prioritization of strong workplace culture for distributed teams
  3. The role of diversity programs both during and beyond moments of reckoning

Whether you’re investing in IT infrastructure or new talent, our new ebook, Engineering Hiring and Workplace Trends 2021, will help you lead with confidence and conquer a dramatically different staffing landscape.

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