Talks at Andela: Growing and Winning as a Software Engineer Working Remotely

Talks at Andela is a webinar series open to the tech ecosystem in Africa, with the aim of connecting tech thought-leaders and experts around the world with techies on the continent, sharing experiences, lessons, and advice in multi-faceted tech and tech-related topics.

For this webinar, we are having Al Sene; VP of Engineering at DigitalOcean. Al leads DigitalOcean’s Product Development teams, including Compute, Networking, Storage, Developer Experience, and Billing. He is responsible for driving innovation and velocity in key services and products to meet the evolving demands of their customers. In this webinar, he touches on:

  • being productive while working remotely (during stand-ups, communicating blockers, etc)
  • personal visibility in a remote setting
  • growing in your role/career while working remotely
  • contributing to Open Source projects
  • how software engineers can increase their efficiency while working remotely

Watch below now:

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