(Nearly) Everything you Need to Know about Hiring Developers

It doesn’t matter if a company has been bootstrapped since day one, is on its fourth pivot, or is experiencing hockey stick growth — they all share one thing in common: the challenge of hiring new talent.

And when it comes time to hire engineering talent, that challenge often turns into a full-on crisis. The stakes are incredibly high: the timeline around recruiting and hiring is long; the cost of hiring talent is high; and the time that it requires out of your core team to help hire the right engineer can quickly become onerous.

Of course, it’s not enough to fill seats with warm bodies who know Javascript — the hiring process impacts the development of a company’s growth, potential, and culture like no other decision you will make.
Tech behemoths like Google, Amazon — even “smaller” companies like Uber — are able to rely on an in-house technical recruiting team, as well as impressive employer reputations, to draw the top talent. For the rest of the business world, however, the task of hiring talented engineers who will mesh well with your company culture is significantly more of a challenge.

This guide is for you.

Andela offers a unique perspective on developer hiring — in four years we’ve screened more than 130k applicants and hired more than 1,200 developers. We’re going to share all that we know, and have learned, from the often-exhausting process.

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