Andela Helps Weave Scale their Engineering Hiring

Weave gives high-touch, service-based businesses a unified and integrated suite of communications tools to connect and share information seamlessly. By combining customer communication with customer data in one smart, care-centric interaction, Weave helps improve scheduling, customer response, online reputation, team workflow, and revenue generation.

A deeply intentional company culture keeps Weave ranked #1 place to work in Utah. Employees who embody Weave’s core values are high priority for a company in the fortunate position of being able to hire as fast as they need. However, being highly selective comes with its challenges. Developers whose skills, dedication, and values meet Weave’s high bar are already rare, let alone available at scale.

With recent growth doubling the company annually, Weave’s Vice President of Engineering, Kyle Kartchner, looked to outsourcing to meet board and investor demands to maximize efficiency, control costs, and secure a long-term talent pipeline to keep up with growth. “As you’re scaling and you get bigger, you need to have that channel to expand faster.” Previous outsourcing hadn’t been able to deliver both the cultural fit and technical abilities desired. “There’s always some kind of gap. Sometimes there’s not enough overlap. I’ve seen technical abilities line up, but cultural gaps. Or better cultural alignment, but technical abilities that don’t match up.”

After learning about Andela’s solutions and structure, Kyle saw an opportunity to get both the fit and skills Weave needed.

“You’re able to draw from all over the continent and pull top talent. And you are there to support them through their learning journey.” Kyle decided to hire a pod of three engineers to launch Weave’s first distributed team.

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