Vibes Uses Andela to Quickly Scale Team and Build Crucial Products

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Headquartered in Chicago, Vibes is an international leader in mobile marketing engagement, helping brands build personal relationships with consumers by delivering compelling and profitable mobile conversations.

With so much competition for engineering talent, Vibes was finding it difficult to hire top developers quickly and cost-effectively. They also wanted a hiring solution that went above and beyond other traditional outsourcing models — a talent partner who would make the end-to-end hiring process quick and easy.

Vibes saw Andela as a mission-driven partner who cared deeply about their engineers via their hands-on support and service. “It’s very clear from the way Andela treats engineers and us as a client that it shares this principle, and it shows.” 

With four Andela engineers on board, the VP of Engineering, Clarke Retzer, was immediately impressed. Vibes immediately scaled up to 18 Andela engineers and continues to add more.

“I can’t overstate the level of support and transparency we have with Andela. We have so much confidence in their commitment to us and to their engineers that we don’t put them through the same interview process that we do with other new hires anymore. We know that Andela knows us and is invested in our success and will send us exceptional engineers.”

Clarke Retzer, VP of Engineering at Vibes

Vibes formed two all-Andela teams to focus on two crucial product areas. Download now for the full story >>

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