How Showclix Overcame the Pittsburgh Talent Shortage and Hit Growth Targets with Andela

ShowClix, a product of Patron Technology, offers a full-service technology solution to help professional event organizers handle ticketing, seating, marketing, analytics, customer support, and on-site operations for events.

Pittsburgh-based Showclix faced a shifting and difficult hiring landscape: graduates from the city’s top universities sought more competitive markets and big tech companies opening new Pittsburgh offices lured the local talent, leaving innovators and start-ups at a disadvantage when seeking developers to grow with their company.

ShowClix Director of Software Engineering, Jarrett Hawrylak, recalls how the company’s job postings would often sit unfilled for months. When he did have candidates, Jarrett weighed the many costs of hiring. “Our process can take four to six weeks at a minimum to just get someone in the door. In a difficult hiring time, it’s several months.” After being acquired by Patron Technology, the company’s challenges were amplified. With new, aggressive growth targets to hit, ShowClix was even more pressed to hire new developers. “We were constantly behind on hiring. We went from being one person behind to three. As we worked to acquire more companies, we needed to quickly bootstrap resources to take on those projects.”

ShowClix needed to build its team fast, but without neglecting quality. “We were looking for something more integrated than a traditional outsource contract,” Jarrett explains. With their projects’ size and complexity, ShowClix needed real team integration beyond “shipping out something and hoping to get a piece of code back,” and they needed to do it within an ultra-competitive job market.

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