Why ProdPerfect Scaled to 35 ‘Ridiculously Talented’ Andela Engineers

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ProdPerfect, as you might guess from the company’s name, has a lofty goal: to perfect software products through machine learning-driven automated testing. ProdPerfect was ready to scale the engineering team and time was of the essence. They were looking for test and automation experts to write scripts to build end-to-end JavaScript testing frameworks using Node.js, Vanilla JS, Angular JS, and TypeScript.

This wasn’t just about getting coders. It was about getting problem solvers who could help build something that had never been attempted before. In addition to developing the product infrastructure, ProdPerfect needed engineers that could help tailor its software for each new customer. Recruiting, qualifying, and hiring 15-30 engineers with the talent level ProdPerfect needed was a huge challenge.

Skeptical about any outsourcing model’s ability to deliver this kind of talent but chomping at the bit to move faster, the ProdPerfect team started by testing a few Andela engineers. Andela passed the test with flying colors. The Andela engineers stepped in and became an integral component
of ProdPerfect’s development environment. The results were so exceptional that Erik soon scaled up to 35 Andela engineers.

“It’s such a rare thing in software engineering to know that you can just pick up the phone and expand your engineering team with folks that have the training, the talent, and the motivation to go kick some ass together. That’s just unheard of anywhere else.”

Erik Fogg, COO at ProdPerfect

Find out why the ProdPerfect team loves their Andela engineers. Get more details in the full case study.

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