Telehealth Company, Medici, Leverages Andela to Improve Products

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Based in Austin, Medici had a challenge many local tech firms faced—competition for engineers was driving up the cost and time required to hire top talent. At the same time, the company is very selective when growing its teams, making hiring even more difficult.

Getting the right people on the team for Medici was extremely important to them because they had a clearly defined cultural fit. The Engineering Director at Medici, Raleigh Schickel, had a poor impression of using external contractors — but with a previous positive review of Andela from Medici’s CTO, he moved forward with Andela.

The Medici team started with three Andela engineers, one mid-level, one senior, and one DevOps, and quickly scaled to 9 Andela engineers.

“Andela provides a management and support infrastructure that takes a lot off of my plate. This is especially helpful for cases when there is some problem. Andela takes ownership of the issue and resolves it.”

Raleigh Schickel, Engineering Director at Medici

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