Lessonly Hires Andela Engineers and Moves Upmarket With Enterprise Solutions

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Lessonly’s software enables businesses to quickly and easily build “powerfully simple” training that enables teams to learn and grow. As the company was moving upmarket, it needed new products and features and some existing ones had to be upgraded.

The Lessonly team was trying to take their product to the next level for enterprise clients and needed to add senior developers that could take ownership and understand their products and customers. Like many other fast-growing organizations, they were competing for talent with some global tech companies that had come to Indianapolis, and the cost
and time needed to hire locally was a huge challenge.

Today, Andela engineers are instrumental in helping Lessonly improve existing features products and building new ones with dramatic results.

Andela has been the best vendor relationship we have. Nothing else has brought as much value. The support is great, and Andela engineers have been vital to the growth of our product as we move upmarket.

Alec Remaly, Product Owner at Lessonly

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