KindHealth Hires Andela Engineers to Own Complex Projects on Time and on Budget

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KindHealth’s value proposition is simple: helping people save money on health insurance, medical bills and prescriptions. Because health plans, pricing, and regulations change every year, the complexity that the software team faces never ends.

KindHealth was looking to ramp up its team and needed to quickly find specific skills with a limited budget while hiring costs were rising and recruiting stretched into months. “Big companies have been coming into the area driving up demand for the best engineers,” said Micah Parker, VP of Engineering at KindHealth. “We were looking for senior developers with the drive and skills to crush exceedingly complex projects, and we simply couldn’t afford the time or cost of recruiting in our local market.”

Starting with 1 Andela engineer, they quickly scaled to 4 off the success of the first engineer.

Today, working under KindHealth’s managers, Andela engineers have made significant contributions to the company’s product and to its culture.

“With Andela engineers, you get a diversity of thought, you get a diversity of experience and your team gets to witness this hunger and thirst to contribute.”

Micah Parker, VP of Engineering at KindHealth

Discover why it was so easy for KindHealth to scale their engineering team within weeks — not months. Read the case study now >>

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