How Andela Helped Crossover Health Scale Their Engineering Capacity with the Right Talent

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Crossover Health needed to effectively scale their engineering team’s capacity without the significant costs that come with local hires. It was important that their existing engineering team be freed up to work on new areas crucial for business development, while maintaining the same quality of work in maintaining and expanding the feature set in their legacy product.

The engineering leadership team had experience at previous companies working with firms in Eastern Europe, South America, and India, but found limited success with these relationships. They soon came to realize that cultural fit was the key component missing in each of these engagements.

Upon learning more about Andela’s model and emphasis on creating embedded teams, the leadership team at Crossover Health decided to give it a try. They brought on four Andela engineers: 2 junior/senior pairs, one for frontend and one for backend.

“I gave our Andela engineers a high-level architecture briefing, and they took it and ran with it. And they were great. After that I said we have to grow with Andela.”

PETER JOHANSON, Director of Software Engineering at Crossover Health

In the end, Crossover Health’s initial foray proved a significant success and this success led them to bring on more Andela developers. Today, Crossover Health works with 13 Andela engineers across 3 teams, and continues to look to Andela as a long-term talent partner as they scale.

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