How Headspace Built Internal Tools and Optimized Customer Experience with Andela

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Headspace is a personal meditation guide that helps users achieve healthier, happier, more well-rested lives with less stress, fewer distractions, better focus, and enhanced compassion through guided meditation and mindfulness practices.

When their user base began to scale, the Customer Experience team anticipated a spike in support requests. They knew they needed engineers to build out processes and tools to enable agents to complete more inbound tickets in the same time frame.

In need of a senior developer to begin contributing immediately, but lacking a recruitment team to refine their hiring process, Headspace turned to Andela and partnered with their first distributed developer, Samora Dake, based in Ghana. Samora excelled in his role, taking the lead on Headspace’s CMS development and even winning an internal hackathon.

After the success of Samora, quickly Headspace brought on four more Andela engineers.

“Andela helps developers grow and learn with their partners. Providing that opportunity for them—everyone wins. It may serve them in their next role, and it helps us in the immediate future.”

Clarissa Negrete, Product Manager for Internal Tools, Headspace

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