A lack of diversity and a shortage of qualified candidates are two of the top hiring challenges identified by 36,000 engineers in a 2018 survey by HackerRank.

To overcome these challenges and tap into a global talent pool, many companies are going distributed. After publicly committing to diversify their engineering team, Gusto embraced the distributed model and partnered with Andela to access Africa’s top engineering talent.

Gusto, a platform that provides business with a simple, flexible solution for payroll, benefits, and HR, partnered with Andela in September of 2016 to sclae their growth team. They started with one Andela developer, Femi, who focused on building embeddable payroll calculators and survey tools to drive user growth.

Andela was Gusto’s first experience with distributed. Shortly thereafter, they expanded by oepning a large office in Denver, CO, and bringing on a second Andela developer. After a visit to the Lagos HQ in December 2017 and a peek into the back-end of Andela, Gusto brought on two more developers within three months, bringing the total to four developers across two teams, with more to come.

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