Learn how companies like GitHub optimize a globally distributed engineering team with Andela, at Viva Tech 2022!

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GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets software developers work together on projects from anywhere. GitHub provides one of the most widely used tool sets for supporting the software development lifecycle in the world. As Covid forced more companies to operate on a distributed basis, GitHub’s products, providing collaboration tools for software developers to continuously implement and deploy code changes, are at the core of enabling distributed agile development. 

Andela has a multi-year relationship with GitHub, embedding over 20 software developers primarily from the continent of Africa across several of their teams. GitHub is focused on an overall growth strategy of pushing deeper into emerging markets where the software developer community is growing the fastest.

At the end of 2020, GitHub was looking to make a larger push into supporting their international expansion initiatives by tailoring the platform to serve new markets more rapidly. This work required standing up a new team focused on building localization support into the platform to quickly configure pages to support new currencies or languages.

GitHub rapidly stands up a new team pairing globally distributed full-time team members with embedded flexible support from Andela.

Andela is tapping into an emerging market that other people have not paid attention to. The data is out there that there will be 100 million developers globally by 2025, and we know that they’re coming from Sub Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia, and Latin America

Dana Lawson, VP Engineering, GitHub

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