How Boundless Mind Avoided Costly Hiring Mistakes By Partnering With Andela

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Boundless Mind’s (now Thrive Global) suite of behaviorally focused products helps engineers shape, predict, and analyze human behavior at its neurological level.

While they needed top-quality engineers to quickly build out a new customer portal, Boundless Mind was wary of the long and risky process of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding developers, which was starting to feel like a full-time job, for CTO Jake Dodd.

Andela developer Morris Kimani joined Boundless Mind able to hit the ground running on the customer portal since he was already familiar with Rails and VJS for the front end.

“It’s a huge help to have a talent provider I can totally trust to do it and do it right. As a CTO, that’s the best kind of asset you can have.”

-Jake Dodd, CTO at Boundless Mind

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